AFSA Congratulates Affleck on Argo Golden Globe Victories

Tom Switzer, Communications Director
(202) 944-5501

Javier Cuebas, Advocacy Director, (202) 944-5517

January 15, 2013

Washington, DC – The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) extends its congratulations to director Ben Affleck, the cast and crew, and the producers of Argo on winning the 2013 Golden Globe Awards for best director and best picture. The Iran hostage crisis is an unforgettable part of Foreign Service and U.S. diplomatic history, so we are truly gratified that Argo has done so much to highlight not just the historical event, but also the mission of the men and women in our diplomatic service who represent the United States around the world and work to advance and protect our nation’s interests.

The film, released in October 2012, has brought tremendous positive attention to the Foreign Service and the work that the men and women of America’s professional diplomatic service are doing around the globe. In December, AFSA hosted a screening of the film with Tony Mendez, Kathy Stafford and Bob Anders—two of the hostages portrayed in the film—and former AFSA president and Iran hostage Ambassador John W. Limbert.

Those wishing to learn more about today’s Foreign Service can check out Inside a U.S. Embassy, the essential guide to the Foreign Service published in 2011 by Foreign Service Books. AFSA also publishes The Foreign Service Journal, covering foreign affairs from the perspective of members of America’s professional diplomatic service. More information on Inside a U.S. Embassy and The Foreign Service Journal can be found on AFSA’s website at

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