Retirement Office Contacts



Management Team

General Help Numbers: (202) 606-0500 and (843) 308-5539.

John M. Kuschner, Director, (202) 261-8964,

Edward Capers, Jr., Deputy Director, (202) 261-8961,

Rhonda M. Cummings, Chief of Operations, (202) 261-8967,

Jacqueline L. Long, Senior Program Analyst, (202) 261-8965,

Team Leaders:                                  Alphabet Responsibility:

Brown, Deborah                                 Foreign Service:  C, F, G, H, I, O, R, S, W

(202) 261-8966,

Including:  FS Reemployed Annuitants M-Z; Resignations, TCC & Death Close Outs

Crisp, Richard                                     Foreign Service:  A, D, J, T      

(202) 261-8995                                   Prior Service, Foreign & Civil Service Retirements                            Civil Service:  Complete Alphabet/All        

Including:  Prior Service (military & civilian)            

Mackall, Carolyn                                 Foreign Service:  B, E, K, L, M, N, P, Q, U, V, X, Y

(202) 261-8963

Including:  FS Reemployed Annuitants for A-L; Non-Career Ambassadors’ Resignations; FSPS Disabilities; FSRDS Offset (age 62 & over); TSP & FEHB Open Season

(This last was last revised 03/23/2011)