Below you will find some helpful information on AFSA's involvement in the campaign to amend the STOCK Act.

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ACLU Lawsuit

AFSA is joining with various coalition partners in an ACLU lawsuit regarding the STOCK Act. The ACLU is seeking individual plaintiffs, particularly individuals who meet the following conditions:

  1. A spouse that is an EU citizen. The EU has very strict privacy laws as we understand it and the STOCK Act may violate these provisions.
  2. Someone that filed their form prior to April 4, 2012, but within 2012.
  3. Someone who has been a victim of kidnapping, espionage acts or related attacks.

If you are interested in joining this lawsuit as an individual plaintiff, please contact AFSA General Counsel Sharon Papp at or 202-647-8160 or AFSA FCS VP Keith Curtis at or 202-482 9088.