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The AFSA Scholarship Program provides to children of Foreign Service employees:  need-based, financial aid scholarships (for undergraduate study) and one-time only academic and art merit scholarships (for high school seniors).   

The Scholarship Fund grows primarily through individual and organization support and how its portfolio investments are performing.  All donations to the AFSA Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible and are acknowledged upon receipt.  On average, AFSA awards aid to approximately 90-100 Foreign Service children totaling over $200,000 a year.

Individual Support

Individuals, of course, can contribute annually, at any time with one time donations, or establish an Annual” named or “Perpetual” named scholarship in their name or in memory of a loved one.  Annual scholarships in amounts under $15,000 cease when the donation is depleted while perpetual scholarships will be awarded in perpetuity as the principal remains untouched while a much smaller amount (i.e. the interest generated each year) is bestowed as the scholarship.  AFSA has over 70 perpetual scholarships established since 1932.

Affiliated  Organization  Support

AFSA works closely with affiliated Foreign Service organizations.  We have the flexibility that allows the AFSA Scholarship Fund to form a unique relationship with each body listed below.   The beauty of this set up is that applicants apply using a standard application for financial aid, academic merit or art merit and AFSA matches the student to the award he/she qualifies for.

AAFSW  -  Through the proceeds from AAFSW’s annual BookFair held annually in October at the State Department, AAFSW sponsors one Academic Merit Award for one of its members' children and several financial aid scholarships.

DACOR -  AFSA administers DACOR’s Financial Aid Scholarships.  They provide $40,000 in financial aid scholarships to undergraduate who are pursuing a foreign affairs degree.

FSYF – New in 2011, this group is sponsoring an Academic Merit Award for one of its members; children.

PMA  – Since 1992, the Public Members Association has sponsored a Financial Aid Scholarship bestowed on a junior or senior who plans to join the Foreign Service.    


The AFSA Governing Board maintains responsibility of all AFSA Scholarship Fund operations, and the AFSA Scholarship Committee oversees the administration of AFSA's Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Fund Bylaws keep the program true to its mission.  The AFSA Finance and Audit Committee provides oversight on the management of the Scholarship Fund portfolio valued at over $5 million.  

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