AFSA Committees

AFSA Committee Membership

AFSA relies on a number of active duty and retired members to participate in the work of the various committees that allow some of the organization's inner workings to proceed in a smooth and orderly fashion. We are grateful to these individuals for their willingness to donate their time and expertise. We encourage anyone with an interest in serving on a committee to be on the lookout for periodic vacancy updates. Please click one of the following links to apply for a vacancy on one of our committees: [PDF] [WORD]

AFSA Standing Committees

Awards and Plaques Committee

Oversees the AFSA memorial plaques and recommends names to be added to them. In cooperation with the AFSA governing board, members also recommend the winners of AFSA's awards for constructive dissent, exemplary performance, Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy, and the Sinclaire Language Awards.


  • Hon. John W. Limbert (chair)
  • Janice Bay
  • Joseph Bristol
  • Adam Center
  • Anthony Fernandes
  • Eva Groening
  • Ruth Hall
  • Allison Lee
  • Daniel Martinez
  • Hon. Edward Marks (AFSA Governing Board liaison)
  • Patricia Norland
  • Hon. Edward L. Peck
  • Robert J. Silverman (ex officio)

Finance, Audit and Management Committee

Works with the AFSA governing board to oversee the organization's budget process and the annual audit.


  • Hon. Charles A. Ford (chair)
  • Matthew K. Asada
  • Sharon Wayne
  • Steve Morrison
  • Mark Petry
  • David Mergen
  • Lawrence Cohen
  • Chuck Fee
  • Robert J. Silverman (ex officio)
  • Ian Houston (ex officio)

Scholarship Committee

Oversees the selection and awarding of AFSA's financial aid and merits scholarships; also has stewardship over the AFSA Scholarship Fund.


  • Hon. Lange Schermerhorn (chair)
  • Bess Zelle (State rep)
  • Karen Brown (DACOR liaison)
  • Bill Kutson (FCS rep)
  • Maureen O'Neill (State rep)
  • S. Katherine Farnsworth (USAID rep)
  • Chanda Berk (FAS rep)
  • Lawrence Cohen (AFSA Governing Board liaison)
  • Robert J. Silverman (ex officio)

The Foreign Service Journal Editorial Board

Works with the Journal staff and AFSA governing board to draw up the Journal's editorial calendar and selects works for publication from among those submitted for each issue.


  • Jim DeHart (chair)
  • Hon. Gordon S. Brown
  • Stephen W. Buck
  • Ruth Hall
  • Richard McKee
  • Beth Payne
  • John G. Rendeiro Jr.
  • Duncan Walker
  • Tracy Whittington
  • Chuck Fee (AFSA Governing Board liaison)
  • Robert J. Silverman (ex officio)

Elections Committee

Oversees the biannual AFSA election process and works with AFSA staff to ensure the integrity of the election and its results.


  • Hon. Robert "Bill" Farrand (chair)
  • Jenna Bucha Jones
  • Mort Dworken
  • Russell Knight
  • Andrea Strano
  • Ian Houston (AFSA staff)
  • Sharon Papp (AFSA staff)
  • Janet Hedrick (AFSA staff)

Committee on the foreign service profession and Ethics

Charged with increasing professionalism within the Foreign Service and creating a code of ethics for Foreign Service employees. Click here to learn more about AFSA's Professionalism & Ethics Initiative.


  • Robert Dry (chair)
  • Alec Augustine-Marceil
  • Jennifer Becker
  • Anne Bodine
  • David Brownstein
  • Tanya Cole
  • Eva Groening
  • Susan R. Johnson
  • Hon. Charles Ray
  • Angela Dickey (AFSA Governing Board liaison)
  • Robert J. Silverman (ex officio)

Governance Committee

Monitors governance and recommends standard operating procedures and practices. Consists of current Governing Board members and agency vice presidents.


  • Angela Dickey (chair)
  • Ken Kero-Mentz
  • Hon. Charles Ford
  • F. Allen 'Tex' Harris
  • David Mergen
  • Ian Houston (AFSA staff)
  • Sharon Papp (AFSA staff)
  • Patrick Bradley (AFSA staff)
  • Robert J. Silverman (ex officio)

AFSA-PAC Advisory Committee