Annuity Deductions

Foreign Service retirees now have the option of having AFSA dues automatically deducted from their annuities. For current retired members, AFSA has begun a one-year transition period. When your membership is up for renewal, you will receive with your invoice a form to authorize the State Department to deduct from your annuity a monthly amount equal to one-twelfth of your annual dues and send it to AFSA. If you choose this option, the deduction will continue indefinitely with no further action from you. Any dues increases (limited by AFSA by-laws to the equivalent of the annual COLA) will be automatically made by State at AFSA's request. You may, of course, opt out of the annuity deduction at any time, or you may decide to continue paying annually for now. Those wishing to begin deductions before or after their renewal date may request the form from AFSA.

For active duty members, payroll deductions for AFSA dues cease when a Foreign Service employee retires. Since the foreign affairs agencies do not notify AFSA when employees retire, AFSA requests that you get in touch with us on retirement so that we may send you a new authorization form and continue your membership. Retired members pay lower dues.

Unlike annuitants in the Civil Service, participants in the Foreign Service Pension System or the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability System may not have voluntary allotments from annuities for Medicare or long term care insurance premiums. AFSA has asked the Department of State to upgrade its computers to enable Foreign Service annuitants to enjoy the same scope of allotments and deductions as Civil Service annuitants.

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