DACOR: The USAID Advantage: Wiser than "Hard" Power and More Formidable than "Soft" Power

Start Date/Time: 
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 09:30
End Date/Time: 
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 12:00

Stephen Young worked for USAID in the CORDS Program in Vietnam. Through this experience, he has developed a concept called "Associative Power" which mobilizes resources for collaborative application in limited wars, state building, and now in sustainable development. The CORDS program in South Vietnam merged U.S. and Government of Vietnam assets and administrations, blended military and civil capabilities, and linked villages with the national community from 1967 - 1972. CORDS developed and field tested best practices in counterinsurgency through the use of Associative Power. Drawing on his experience and other work, he recently published The Theory and Practice of Associative Power: CORDS in the Villages of Vietnam 1967-1972. Mr. Young is the Global Executive Director of the Caux Round Table, a Minnesota-based international network of experienced business leaders who advocate a principled approach to global capitalism. He was previously an Assistant Dean at the Harvard Law School and later Dean and Professor of Law at the Hamline University Law School. This event costs $15 and includes a buffet lunch. This event is co-hosted by DACOR & UAA.