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AFSA's Online Member Directory

Once you join AFSA, you can use our online Member Directory to connect with friends and colleagues around the world. You can search this user-friendly database by name, city or state. (The “%” symbol can be used as a wildcard for expanding your search.) You can also update your contact information displayed in the directory by clicking Home or My Account at the top of the page.

When accessing the online Member Directory, please note the following: AFSA members do not need to create a new account or register, only log in on the right side of the webpage. All members have existing accounts and can log in immediately. To log in for the first time, use your primary email address (.gov for active duty and personal email for retirees) as your username. Use your last name in all lowercase letters as your password. You will be directed to update your password after you log in.

If you have questions about use or difficulties accessing the online Member Directory, please contact the AFSA office at 202-338-4045 or via email at

This Online Member Directory is offered to AFSA members as a benefit. All contact information listed is provided by members. This directory is an asset of AFSA and distribution or improper use of the AFSA Online Member Directory is strictly prohibited. The AFSA Online Member Directory may not be recreated elsewhere or incorporated into any other list, directory, or database. Only current AFSA members are authorized to use the AFSA Online Member Directory for purposes reasonably related to their interest as a member of AFSA. No individual or organization, including AFSA members or affiliated partner, is authorized to use the AFSA Online Member Directory for any of the following purposes: (a) to solicit money or property; (b) for any commercial purpose; (c) for any purpose in competition with AFSA; and/or (d) for any political or religious purpose. By accessing AFSA’s online Member Directory you are agreeing to these terms of use.

AFSA reserves all of its rights and remedies against anyone for improper use of the AFSA Online Member Directory. For further information about AFSA’s privacy statement and conditions of privacy, please click here.