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FSRA of FL Reception and Luncheon in Melbourne.

With summer coming to a close and registrations lagging for our next event, we considered it wise to remind members of our two upcoming events.

Please send your reservations ASAP for this event, to Vice Chair Bob Ribera 3450 Chessington St., Clermont FL 34711. The last Newsletter included the details – cost, food choices and directions. Please call Bob at (352) 242-2554 or email him at if you need information.

September 19 – reception, with luncheon on September 20 at the CASBAH In Melbourne. There are two choices of Hotels: Hilton Melbourne Beachfront, where we will hold the reception on the 19, and the Courtyard Melbourne West. Our Speaker will be Professor Gary Mormino, world winning historian on Immigrant History in Florida.

On November 7, our annual meeting, will be a dinner at the Delray Sands Resort in Highland Beach. Details in the next newsletter.

Hope Byrnes, FSRA Chair:


Summer is here!

Many of you TFSG members are heading for the mountains or beaches in Canada, Finland, New Zealand, New England, or other points on the globe.

Texas will miss you, but please do not forget our next luncheon on Tuesday 14 October, when Professor Sussan Siavoshi, the Una Cox Chapman Distinguished Professor of International Relations at Trinity University, will give a talk on "The Nuclear Policy and the New Iranian Government."

Until we meet in October, here are five suggestions for your summer enjoyment.

  • One speech:
    "A World of Unforeseen Complexities," by Ambassador Charles W. Freeman Jr. (USFS, Ret.), 01 May 2014. Please click to read:
  • One important, serious book:
    Capital in the Twenty First Century, by Thomas Piketty. This is the most talked-about book of this century. (Note: The book looks much bigger than it is, since the Notes section at the back is over 100 pages in length.)
  • One book of fiction:
    Dear Life, a collection of short stories by Alice Munro, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • One book of humor:
    The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker, a 642 page oversize book, which, at 5.4 pounds, should help keep you in great shape during the summer!
  • One DVD:
    Gilbert & Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore" (PBS) has 128 minutes of music and laughs for a summer evening.


If your surname starts with an A to an L, please check out the A-L listings on the Publications page of our website to make sure that we are up-to-date in listing speakers and member publications of books, articles, speeches, etc. Conversely, if your surname starts with an M to a Z, please look in that section for entries which may need to be updated. Thank you.

We are in the midst of an upgrade to the Links page on our website. Suggestions will be welcomed.

See you for lunch Tuesday 14 October. Have a cool summer!

October 2014 Luncheon Meeting: 11:20 a.m.; Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sussan Siavoshi
Cox Chapman Professor of International Relations
Political Science Dept.
Trinity University

“The Nuclear Policy and the New Iranian Government”

Door prizes are awarded at every TFSG luncheon. One door prize always includes the AFSA book, “Inside a U.S. Embassy” and two TFSG mugs. We also sell the package (book and 2 mugs) for only $20. Consider buying two mugs for a coffee mug tree (only $5) and help promote our website and our group.

We welcome suggestions for speakers. When you nominate someone, please add biographical information and suggestions on how best to approach him or her. Suggestions for funding of speakers from outside of Austin are always appreciated.

Please give our website address to potential members, WWW.TFSG.ORG. Then call and invite them as your guest to our next luncheon.

Please browse through the website regularly yourself. Corrections and additions are always welcome. In particular, we want to keep our speaker biographies and bibliographies up to date. As new speakers and their subjects are listed, please send any bibliographic information to Suzanne Natafji.

Why should you belong to TFSG and encourage others to join? Because (1) our website has a full history of our group and links to over 100 international newspapers, think tanks, and other sites; (2) we publish excellent bibliographies on each speech and provide a hard copy of the listing with free internet access at the annual Texas Book Fair and other events; (3) in addition to our five luncheons with outstanding speakers, we put on a FUN Festival Luncheon in December for members only, showcasing some of the most hilarious, funniest, unique TV ads of the past year and providing door prizes for all; (4) we print thousands of information cards for Americans who are planning to travel overseas or who are interested in joining our Foreign Service; (5) we maintain an impressive Memorial Book of TFSG members who have died.

Doris and Naomi, our Contact Coordinators, hope that you will share with them some of your biographical information and the name of a contact person for you.

President: John S. Wood,
Treasurer: Joe McLean,
Secretary: Danny Root,
Webmaster: Jane Dunham,
Transportation Coordinator: Florita Sheppard,
EIS Coordinator: Suzanne Natafji,
Contact Coordinators:

     Doris Scott,
     Naomi Ritchie,


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