Manage Your Annuity on Annuitant Express

You can manage your annuity at “Annuitant Express,” on the same website you used while active. It’s open 24/7 to view your annuity records and process changes.

When you retire, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will mail (or email) you a login ID and password. Go to and login with the ID and password provided; you can then change both of them. NOTE: When asked to identify your agency, do not enter “Department of State” or any other agency.  All annuitants must enter “Foreign Service Annuitants.” Questions on securing a login ID or password? Email or call 1-888-353-9450.

Forget your login ID or password? In the past, this was a nightmare, particularly for annuitants living overseas. The only way to get a temporary password or login ID was by mail. But at last, OPM can now email you a temporary login ID or password, provided the email address you provide matches the one on record with the Retirement Accounts Division. Not sure? Just email (or fax 800-521-2553) with your first and last name, the last four digits of your social security number, and the email address you would like to be on file. You can also call 1-800-521-2553 to confirm the email on file for you, but you can only change the email on file in writing.

Moving? New Bank Account? Employee Express is the quickest, easiest way to change your mailing address, modify your direct deposit account, home address, allotments, or change your Federal and state tax withholding. (When moving from one state to another, you must submit the change in writing, via email ( or fax (843-308-5494).)

1099R? At tax time, the quickest way to get your 1099R is printing it off of Employee Express. (1099-R’s are normally mailed to retirees but if, for some reason, you need a hard copy, email or call 1-800-521-2553.)  Annuitant Express is the easiest way to view your monthly annuity statements (annuitants will only receive a mailed copy of their statement if a change was processed) and to modify up to three financial allotments (this does not include charity, thrift savings, garnishments or union/organizational dues).

Unlike Employee Express, annuitants can’t manage their health benefits, TSP, FEGLI, or CFC contributions through Employee Express. To modify health benefits or FEGLI, email or call 1-866-300-7419. To modify your thrift savings plan, go directly to the website and click on “Contact TSP.”  Combined Federal Campaign contributions cannot be deducted automatically from annuities at this time.

WAE Employment: Reemployed annuitants will continue to have access to both their Annuity Statements and their Earning & Leave Statements at If an annuitant is not reemployed, the annuitant will only have access to their employee’s information for 18 months. WAEs may request a password for Employee Express be sent by email if they have an email address ending in “.gov.”  Thus, WAE annuitants will have two separate accounts to access annuity information and active (WAE) salary information at the same time.