Manage Your Annuity on Annuitant Express

If you move to a new address or want to change where your annuity is electronically deposited, you will need to provide the new information to the Department of State. The best way to do so is via Annuitant Express on, which is available 24/7 from any internet accessible computer. You can update your annuity account to change your mailing address, direct deposit account and/or routing numbers, Federal and state tax withholdings, and financial allotments. Additionally, you can view and print your monthly annuity statements and annual Form-1099R. Note: When moving to another state, you should change your state of residence and your state tax withholdings. This cannot be completed using Annuitant Express and must be submitted via e-mail (, or mailed to the Annuity Pay Processing Branch (ANP). ANP’s address is listed on page 24.

Following your retirement, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) should have mailed you a password to access Annuitant Express. This is not the same account or log-in information that you used as an active employee. To log into Annuitant Express, go to Enter your Social Security number as your log-in ID and the password you received from OPM. (You can change your password the first time you log-in.) When asked to identify your agency, select “Foreign Service Annuitants” not “Department of State” or any other Foreign Affairs agency.

If you did not receive your password or if you forget your password or login ID, go to the log-in screen of and click on “Forgot login ID or password?” Follow the prompts to request a new password or log-in ID from OPM. Your mailing address must match the address on record with the Annuity Pay Processing Branch (ANP). For annuitants with an email address on file with ANP, OPM can email a temporary password and log-in. Your email address must match the one on record with ANP for your temporary password to be emailed.

Reemployed annuitants (WAE) should select “Department of State” to access Earnings & Leave Statements and make changes to their account. Reemployed annuitants may request a password be sent via e-mail if they have an e-mail address ending in “gov.” This password allows access to your Earnings & Leave Statements, but not your monthly Annuity Statements. Reemployed annuitants need two separate accounts to access annuity information and active (reemployed annuitant) salary information at the same time.

Annuitants needing assistance using Annuitant Express should contact the Employee Express Help Desk by sending a detailed e-mail message to with the following information: Your name (last, first, middle); your affiliation (“Foreign Service Annuitant”); your daytime phone number; and a detailed description of your problem.