New Retiree ID Cards

Obtaining or Renewing a State Retiree ID Card

Diplomatic Security (DS) issues retiree ID cards that provide these privileges:

  • A retiree ID card can be used to obtain a Harry S Truman Building (HST) and/or State Annex 1 (SA-1) Retiree Visitor Pass (RVP) which provides a retiree with limited unescorted access to HST’s Foggy Bottom and 1st floor service areas, as well as the 3rd floor Library during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, except holidays;
  • The same privilege applies at SA-1’s Office of Retirement (HR/RET), Medical (MED) suites and service areas.
  • Retirees can continue to sign in their spouse and/or dependent(s). User instructions are printed on the back of the RVP.

Procedures to Obtain or Renew a State Retiree ID Card:

Step One: To obtain or renew a retiree ID badge, the retiree must complete Form DS-1838 (Request for Personal Identification Card) at the Office of Retirement (HR/RET), 2401 E Street NW, Room H-620, SA-1, Columbia Plaza, Washington, DC 20522, 202-261-8960 (hours: 8am to 4:30 pm weekdays). Enter the building at the lower level (below the plaza level) and the DS guard will call HR/RET to escort you to their office. A retirement counselor in HR/RET will sign the form to certify your status as a retiree.

Step Two: Then proceed to the HST Diplomatic Security Identification Services (DSIS) office to be processed for the retiree ID card. DSIS is located at SA-9 (former Red Cross building) located at 2025 E Street NW, on the first floor – SE1051. Email or call 202-647-2957 for questions or confirmation). You must apply to DSIS within 10 business days of when HR/RET certifies your DS-1838.

Retirees must provide two forms of identification to the DSIS officer; one must be a photo ID. ID’s that are typically used are a valid (not expired) DoS Personal ID Card, a state driver’s license, a U.S. passport, a Global Entry Card (DHS), social security Card, birth certificate, voter registration card, etc. If not sure, call 202-647-2957 in advance to confirm your ID’s will be acceptable. The Retiree ID card will be issued with an expiration date of 5 years. Please note that you can renew your ID card six months before it expires.