New Retiree ID Cards

Obtaining or Renewing a State Retiree ID Card

Diplomatic Security (DS) issues retiree ID cards that provide these privileges:

  • A retiree ID card can be used to obtain a Harry S Truman Building (HST) and/or State Annex 1 (SA-1) Retiree Visitor Pass (RVP) which provides a retiree with limited unescorted access to HST’s Foggy Bottom and 1st floor service areas, as well as the 3rd floor Library during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, except holidays;
  • The same privilege applies at SA-1’s Office of Retirement (HR/RET), Medical (MED) suites and service areas.
  • Retirees can continue to sign in their spouse and/or dependent(s). User instructions are printed on the back of the RVP.

Procedures to Obtain or Renew a State Retiree ID Card:

Step One: To obtain or renew a retiree ID badge, the retiree must complete Form DS-1838 (Request for Personal Identification Card) at the Office of Retirement (HR/RET), 2401 E Street NW, Room H-620, SA-1, Columbia Plaza, Washington, DC 20522, 202-261-8960 (hours: 8am to 4:30 pm weekdays). Enter the building at the lower level (below the plaza level) and the DS guard will call HR/RET to escort you to their office. A retirement counselor in HR/RET will sign the form to certify your status as a retiree.

Step Two: Then proceed to the HST Diplomatic Security Identification Services (DSIS) office to be processed for the retiree ID card. DSIS is located inside the jogger's entrance to Main State (the corner of 21st Street and C) in Room B-266 (hours: 9am – 4pm, weekdays). Email or call 202-647-2957 for questions or confirmation). You must apply to DSIS within 10 business days of when HR/RET certifies your DS-1838.

Retirees must provide two forms of identification to the DSIS officer; one must be a photo ID. ID’s that are typically used are a valid (not expired) DoS Personal ID Card, a state driver’s license, a U.S. passport, a Global Entry Card (DHS), social security Card, birth certificate, voter registration card, etc. If not sure, call 202-647-2957 in advance to confirm your ID’s will be acceptable. The Retiree ID card will be issued with an expiration date of 5 years. Please note that you can renew your ID card six months before it expires.