New Retiree ID Cards

Since 2008, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security issues all retiree ID cards. These cards look like other State Department badges. Retirees with the new cards will have the same privileges as those with the current retiree ID card:

  • A retiree ID card, exclusive of any other form of ID, can be used to obtain a HST/SA-1 Retiree Visitor Pass (RVP);
  • As currently in practice, the RVP provides a retiree with limited unescorted access to HST’s Foggy Bottom and 1st floor service areas, as well as the 3rd floor Library during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, except holidays;
  • The same privilege applies at SA-1’s HR/RET offices, Medical suites and service areas.
  • Retirees can continue to sign in their legal spouse and or dependant(s). User instructions are printed on the back of the RVP.

How to obtain a retiree ID card or renew one:

Retiree must go first to the Office of Retirement (HR/RET), 2401 E Street NW, Room H-620, SA-1, Columbia Plaza, Washington, D.C. 20522. A retirement counselor in HR/RET will sign off on the form to certify your status as a retiree. Then, you will be able to be processed for and issued a new retiree ID card from the DSIS Office in HST Room B-237 (located near the joggers entrance off of 21st Street). You will have 5 days from the time HR/RET signs the paperwork to get to the DSIS Office to obtain your retiree ID.

Retirees must provide two forms of identification to the HR/RET counselor (Note: ID's that are typically used are a valid (not expired) DOS Personal ID Card, a state driver's license and/or U.S. Passport). The ID card will be issued with an expiration date of 5 years.