President Obama’s Second-Term Ambassadorial Nominations


Updated July 30, 2014

Political: 48/41.0%
Career: 69/59.0%

Political Nominations
Reuben Brigety African Union confirmed
Noah Mamet Argentina nominated
Nina Hachigan ASEAN nominated
John Berry Australia confirmed
Alexa Wesner Austria confirmed
Cassandra Q. Butts The Bahamas nominated
Denise Bauer Belgium confirmed
Carlos Moreno Belize confirmed
Bruce Heyman Canada confirmed
Max Sieben Baucus China confirmed
Andrew Schapiro Czech Republic confirmed
S. Fitzgerald Haney Costa Rica nominated
Rufus Gifford Denmark confirmed
James Brewster Dominican Republic confirmed
Anthony Luzzatto Gardner European Union confirmed
Charles C. Adams, Jr. Finland nominated
Jane Hartley France & Monaco nominated
John Emerson Germany confirmed
Ken Hackett Holy See confirmed
Colleen Bradley Bell Hungary nominated
Michael A. Lawson ICAO confirmed
Robert C. Barber Iceland nominated
Kevin O’Malley Ireland nominated
John Phillips Italy/San Marino confirmed
Caroline Kennedy Japan confirmed
Dwight L. Bush, Sr. Morocco confirmed
Douglas Lute NATO confirmed
Timothy Broas Netherlands confirmed
Mark Gilbert New Zealand and Samoa nominated
George J. Tsunis Norway nominated
Daniel Yohannes OECD confirmed
Daniel Brooks Baer OSCE confirmed
Robert A. Sherman Portugal confirmed
Joseph W. Westphal Saudi Arabia confirmed
Kirk Wagar Singapore confirmed
Patrick Gaspard South Africa confirmed
Mark Lippert South Korea nominated
James Costos Spain & Andorra confirmed
Suzi LeVine Switzerland & Liechtenstein confirmed
Mark Childress Tanzania confirmed
John Estrada Trinidad & Tobago nominated
Pamela K. Hamamoto UN / Geneva confirmed
Keith Harper UN / Human Rights Council confirmed
David Pressman UN / Political Affairs nominated
Crystal Nix-Hines UNESCO confirmed
Matthew Winthrop Barzun United Kingdom confirmed
Samantha Power United Nations confirmed
Career Nominations
Donald Lu Albania nominated
Joan Polaschik Algeria confirmed
Helen M. La Lime Angola confirmed
Richard Mills Armenia nominated
Robert F. Cekuta Azerbaijan nominated
William V. Roebuck Bahrain nominated
Marcia Bernicat Bangladesh nominated
Maureen Cormack Bosnia & Herzegovina nominated
Earl Robert Miller Botswana nominated
Liliana Ayalde Brazil confirmed
Craig B. Allen Brunei Darussalam nominated
Tulinabo Mushingi Burkina Faso confirmed
Donald Heflin Cabo Verde nominated
Michael Hoza Cameroon confirmed
James Knight Chad confirmed
Michael Hammer Chile confirmed
Kevin Whitaker Colombia confirmed
Terence McCulley Cote d'Ivoire confirmed
James Swan Democratic Republic of the Congo confirmed
Thomas P. Kelly Djibouti confirmed
Robert Stephen Beecroft Egypt confirmed
Patricia Haslach Ethiopia confirmed
Judith Beth Cefkin Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, & Tuvalu nominated
Cynthia Akuetteh Gabon & São Tomé & Principe confirmed
David Pearce Greece confirmed
Todd D. Robinson Guatemala nominated
Perry Holloway Guyana nominated
James Nealon Honduras confirmed
Robert Blake Indonesia confirmed
Stuart Jones Iraq confirmed
Luis Moreno Jamaica nominated
Alice Wells Jordan confirmed
George Krol Kazakhstan nominated
Douglas A. Silliman Kuwait confirmed
Daniel Clune Laos confirmed
David Hale Lebanon confirmed
Matthew T. Harrington Lesotho nominated
Deborah Kay Jones Libya confirmed
Jess L. Baily Macedonia nominated
Virginia E. Palmer Malawi nominated
Joseph Yun Malaysia confirmed
Larry E. Andre Mauritania confirmed
James D. Pettit Moldova nominated
Margaret Ann Uyehara Montenegro nominated
James Entwistle Nigeria confirmed
Thomas Daughton Namibia nominated
Eunice Reddick Niger confirmed
Amy J. Hyatt Palau nominated
Leslie Ann Bassett Paraguay nominated
Brian Nichols Peru confirmed
Philip Goldberg Philippines confirmed
Dana Shell Smith Qatar confirmed
Stephanie Sanders Sullivan Republic of the Congo confirmed
John Tefft Russia nominated
Erica Barks-Ruggles Rwanda nominated
John Hoover Sierra Leone nominated
James P. Zumwalt Senegal & Guinea-Bissau nominated
Brent Robert Hartley Slovenia nominated
Karen Stanton Timor-Leste nominated
John R. Bass Turkey nominated
Allan Mustard Turkmenistan nominated
Geoffrey Pyatt Ukraine confirmed
Barbara A. Leaf United Arab Emirates nominated
Robert A. Wood United Nations / Conference on Disarmament confirmed
Michele Sison United Nations / Deputy Representative nominated
Pamela Spratlen Uzbekistan nominated
Ted Osius Vietnam nominated
Matthew Tueller Yemen confirmed
Eric T. Schultz Zambia nominated

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