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50 Years Ago
ast fall the chatelaine of this department [Washington Letter] asked us
to move in and keep the shop swept out while she went off to Europe for
a breather. Somewhat timidly, we consented, although we felt then and have
continued to feel something of a trespasser.
Now Gwen Barrows writes fromMallorca that she is leaving the
. To
readers this will be sad news indeed. For eight years they have watched the mag-
azine develop under her guidance, broadening its range, deepening its signifi-
cance. Month after month they have turned to this Letter for the special flavor
of Washington gossip and shop talk, captured by the sensitive antennae of her
faithful legman, the Exhausted Bureaucrat. (Stout fellow, he refuses to confide
in any interloper.)
To us, as no doubt to other
contributors, Gwen Barrows was first a
sympathetic, appreciative and stimulating editor, later—and happily, there we
can substitute “is” for “was”—a valued friend. While selfishly we must regret
her decision to seek release from the often-frustrating labors of editorship, we
respect the motives that impel her to do so, and wish her every success in her
new undertaking.
As Icelanders say at parting, “Bless.”
—FromWashington Letter by Ted Olson;
, February 1964.
fromwanted lists are denied.
Interpol officials deny any implication
that high-profile cases get special treat-
ment. But Billy Hawkes, chairman of the
Commission for the Control of Interpol
Files, said he supports many of the recom-
mendations in the Fair Trials report.
—Steven Alan Honley, Editor
The Dangerous States
of America?
In recent months the French, Ger-
man and British governments have been
urging their citizens to avoid, or at least
be leery of visiting, 16 major American
cities. The list includes Boston, New York,
Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Richmond,
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago,
Houston, St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans,
Miami, Los Angeles and El Paso.
At first glance, these warnings seem
to be mirror images of the travel advi-
sories the Department of State issues to
protect Americans going overseas. But the
European advisories are even broader. The
French Foreign Ministry warns its citizens
to avoid New York City landmarks like
Times Square and the Statue of Liberty,
but says it is only necessary to avoid of
Harlem, the Bronx and Central Park at
night. In Washington, D.C., travelers
should avoid the northeastern and south-
eastern quadrants of the city altogether.
And walking anywhere in Richmond is
considered dangerous.
Germany doesn’t warn its citizens
bathing and changing clothes at the beach
stirs up public agitation and can lead to
To read these government travel warn-
—Valerie Sanders, Editorial Intern
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