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ability to distill his decades of work in Russia into a new doctrine

that guided the country through the Cold War. There are similarly

talented individuals in State today whose deep experience abroad

is matched by analytical capacity and who could be uniquely

qualified to help develop your new strategy.

Eyes and Ears on the Ground:

State Department reporting

provides the broader context to round out the more targeted

reporting you will get from the intelligence community and the

military. It is often the most complete and clearest reporting you

will receive on a situation. This reporting can especially provide

warning signs when things are about to go sideways. The Foreign

Service will need top-level cover to take the inherent risks to

achieve this.

Your Personal Representatives:

Ambassadors abroad are your

personal representatives, and their credibility becomes your cred-

ibility. You can enhance their effectiveness by choosing those with

a clear capacity for complex interagency leadership, appropriate

language and cross-cultural skills, and the ability to clearly convey

our values and positions to a foreign audience. These traits are

found across the career Foreign Service, and on limited occasions

outside of the Foreign Service.

Getting to Yes:

While there is a temptation to bring in the big

names for negotiations, don’t forget that Foreign Service officers

have conducted foreign negotiations for their entire careers. It is

second nature to them, and they are very good at it.

Experts for Niche Issues:

Today’s State Department is very

different fromwhat it was 30 years ago, with experts on health,

energy, arms control, oceans, biotech and a host of other issues. It

can deliver the expertise to manage the increasing complexity of

your global agenda.

Connecting with the Heartland:

Your diplomats know their

overseas beats well, but they also all come fromall over the United

States.They can help build grassroots U.S. support for your interna-

tional agenda through speaking tours and op-eds in local media.

We are here for you, Mr. President, and we are in this together.

We will often be the first ones to see the opportunities and help

you avert the risks as we re-hinge the world, and re-establish our

nation’s place in it.