The Foreign Service Journal - January/February 2017
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Important Dates:

February 1, 2017 Deadline for nominations

February 9, 2017 Informational meeting for candidates—


February 15, 2017 Committee on Elections announces

candidates’ names

April 17, 2017

Ballots and candidate statements mailed

June 8, 2017

Ballots counted

July 15, 2017

New Governing Board takes office

AFSA’s Governing Board

needs you!

By standing for elec-

tion to the AFSA Governing

Board, you can help lead

the association dedicated

to furthering the profession

of diplomacy and the career

Foreign Service.

AFSA is seeking dedi-

cated active-duty and retired

professionals from all Foreign

Service agencies to serve in

leadership positions.

There are many benefits

to joining the AFSA Govern-

ing Board:

• A significant role in

advancing your profession;

• Access to up-to-date

information about the chal-

lenges facing your agency

and your profession

• An opportunity to

enhance the value of AFSA

membership to the foreign

affairs community;

• Managing a multimillion-

dollar organization with a

large professional staff and

• The chance to exchange

ideas and perspectives with

other volunteer leaders.

AFSA values and seeks

diverse leadership as defined

by professional level, skill

code, race, color, religion,

sexual orientation, gen-

der identity or expression,

national origin, age, disability,


Consider joining the next

AFSA leadership team by

running for a position on the

2017-2019 AFSA Governing


Election Call

Election of AFSA Officers

and Constituency Repre-


This election call,

issued in accordance with

Article VII (2)(a) of the AFSA bylaws, constitutes a formal

notice to all AFSA members

of the opportunity to partici-

pate in the nomination and

election of a new Governing


Call for Nominations

Available Positions.

The following positions will

be filled in this election:


• President

• Secretary

• Treasurer

• Vice President for State

• Vice President for USAID

• Vice President for FCS

• Vice President for FAS

• Vice President for Retirees



• State Department Repre-

sentatives (5)

• USAID Representative (1)

• Alternate FCS Representa-

tive (1)

• Alternate FAS Representa-

tive (1)

• BBG Representative (1)

• APHIS Representative (1)

• Retired Member Represen-

tatives (2)

Note: As per the bylaw

amendments approved

by the membership in the

2015 AFSA election, the

AFSA Governing Board will

be reduced from 29 mem-

bers to 18 voting members.

Each constituency with 100

members will have one Vice

President and is entitled to

one representative per 2,000

members or fraction thereof,

provided that the fraction is

greater than half. Constitu-

encies with fewer than 100

members are entitled to one


The positions listed above

have two-year terms begin-

ning July 15, 2017. AFSA

bylaws require that all Gov-

erning Board members must

be resident in the Washing-

ton D.C. area within 60 days

of taking office on July 15,

2017, and must remain resi-

dent in the Washington D.C.

area throughout their term

in office.

The president and State,

USAID, FCS and FAS vice

presidents are full-time posi-

tions detailed to AFSA. These

employees are assigned over

complement and are eligible

for time-in-class extensions.

The active-duty repre-

sentative positions are not

full time, but they are given a

reasonable amount of official

time to attend meetings

regarding labor management


Governing Board mem-

bers are required to attend

board meetings, tradition-

ally on the first Wednesday

of each month at lunchtime

and may volunteer to serve

on additional committees.

For position descriptions for

all officer positions, see the

AFSA website:


Nomination Procedures

Nominating Candidates.

Any AFSA regular member

in good standing (i.e., a

member whose dues are

automatically deducted or

who has paid dues as of Feb.

1, 2017) may nominate any

person (including them-

selves) for any of the avail-

Call for Nominations:

2017-2019 AFSA Governing Board