The Foreign Service Journal - January/February 2017
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Consent Agenda:

The Governing Board approved

the consent agenda items, which were: (1)approval

of the Oct. 5 Governing Board meeting minutes; (2)

acceptance of Jeff Cochrane’s resignation as USAID

representative; (3) appointment of Ann Posner as

USAID representative; (4) appointment of Steve

Herman as BBG representative; (5) appointment of

Ann Posner and Haven Hubbard-Cruz to the USAID

Standing Committee; and, (6) acceptance of Tracy

Whittington’s resignation from the Editorial Board

and Todd Andrews’ resignation from the Awards and

Plaques Committee.

Dissent Guidance:

Retiree Vice President Ambas-

sador Tom Boyatt presented guidance on dissent

award criteria (“What Is Dissent?”) to the board for

approval. With no objection, the requested guidance

was approved and will be provided to the Awards

and Plaques Committee to assist them in selecting

recipients for AFSA’s unique dissent awards.

FS Grievance Board:

On behalf of the Executive

Committee, Amb. Boyatt moved that the Govern-

ing Board approve the nomination of David Clark as

a presiding member of the FSGB. The motion was


2017 Budget:

On behalf of the Finance, Audit and

Management Committee, AFSA Treasurer Ambas-

sador Charles Ford moved that the board adopt

the proposed budget for 2017. The motion passed

unanimously. On behalf of the FAM Committee, Amb.

Ford also moved that membership dues be increased

by 1.5 percent in 2017. The motion was approved



AFSA Governing

Board Meeting,

November 2, 2016

AFSAWelcomes New

BBG Representative

AFSA is pleased to wel-

come Steve Herman as the

new Broadcasting Board of

Governors representative

on the Governing Board,

confirmed at the Nov. 2


Mr. Herman is the senior

diplomatic correspondent

for the Voice of America and

has been a VOA bureau chief

in India, Korea and Thailand.

He previously served as president of the Foreign Correspon-

dents’ Club of Japan and is currently an elected governor on

the board of the Overseas Press Club of America.


Steve Herman.


REMI NDER – 20 1 7 H I GH


The American Foreign Service Association’s

National High School Essay Contest has begun!

The contest winner will receive $2,500, a trip

to Washington, D.C., to meet the Secretary of

State and full tuition for a Semester at Sea edu-

cational voyage. The runner-up receives $1,250

and full tuition for the National Student Leader-

ship Conference’s International Diplomacy sum-

mer program.

AFSA welcomes the continuing support of our

fantastic contest partners: The United States

Institute of Peace, Semester at Sea, and the

National Student Leadership Conference.

Eligibility for AFSA’s 2017 National High

School Essay Contest is limited to high school

students of U.S. citizenship, in grades 9-12,

whose parents are not members of the Foreign


The deadline for entries is

March 15, 2017.

Full details of the contest, including this year’s

essay topic, are available from the AFSA website: