The Foreign Service Journal - January/February 2018

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018 5 January-February 2018 Volume 95, No. 1 FOREIGN SERVICE Focus on U.S. Global Leadership 26 Helping Europe Help Itself: The Marshall Plan On the eve of its 70th anniversary, the Marshall Plan remains one of the most successful foreign policy initiatives in U.S. history and a model of effective diplomacy. By Amy Ga r re t t 31 Working with Ghana to Prevent the Spread of Ebola The U.S. role in helping Ghana stave off a deadly epidemic showcases American diplomats’ perseverance, political astuteness and creativity, as well as interagency teamwork, in fulfilling a vital mission. By J i m Beve r FS Know-How 57 Are You Retirement Ready? Experts explain how to prepare for retirement throughout your career, from your first days on the job until you turn in your badge on the last day. By Do n n a Sc a r ama s t r a Go rma n 35 The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS: A Success Story The 74-member international coalition illustrates American leadership in action. By Pame l a Qu a n r u d 39 Diplomacy Works Part II Here are more stories about the day-to-day work U.S. diplomats do around the globe to advance American ideals, protect America’s prosperity and national security, and help maintain a peaceful world. 53 Reimagining the Future of American Leadership American leadership today will be defined by our grasp of future trends. The under secretary of State for political affairs reflects on diplomacy for the 21st century. By T h oma s A . Sh a n n o n J r.