The Foreign Service Journal - January/February 2018

68 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL AFSA NEWS AFSA Dues Change in 2018 AFSA has increased dues for 2018 by 2.2 percent for all individual membership categories. In concrete terms, this amounts to an increase of between 6 and 36 cents per pay period, depend- ing on an individual’s membership category. In accordance with Article IV of the AFSA bylaws, the Governing Board can increase dues by no more than the cumulative increase in the national Consumer Price Index, published by the Department of Labor, since the effective date of the previous dues increase. AFSA last increased its membership dues rate in January 2017. This increase will provide the association with a stable and predictable income source, which allows AFSA to continue offering excellent mem- ber services and advancing member priorities. Active-duty and retired members paying dues via payroll and annuity deduction will see a small increase in the amount automatically deducted from their paychecks and annuities. Those pay- ing annually will be billed the new rate on their regularly scheduled renewal date. n Foreign Service Grade 2018 Annual 2018 Bi-Weekly Annual Increase Deduction Increase SFS $412.43 $15.86 $8.88 $0.36 FS 1, 2, 3 $318.86 $12.26 $6.86 $0.26 FS 4, 5, 6 $182.58 $7.02 $3.93 $0.17 FS 7, 8, 9 $96.53 $3.71 $2.08 $0.06 Active Duty Retiree Annuity Level 2018 Annual 2018 Monthly Annual Increase Deduction Increase Annuity under $25K $70.82 $5.90 $1.52 $0.10 Annuity of $25k-50K $111.30 $9.27 $2.40 $0.17 Annuity of $50k-75K $148.65 $12.39 $3.20 $0.29 Annuity over $75K $186.11 $15.51 $4.01 $0.31 Retiree Spouse $55.65 $4.64 $1.20 $0.09 Category 2018 Annual Annual Increase Associate Member- ship $114.36 $2.46 Retired Associate $70.01 $1.51 Associate HAIL AND FAREWELL AFSA is pleased to announce that following a nationwide search, we have selected Russ Capps to become AFSA’s chief operating officer. Russ comes to us from the Construction Specifications Institute, where he was the chief financial officer. As COO, his duties will include oversight of AFSA’s finance and accounting department, management of human resources and oversight of our IT platform. We will include a complete biography in the March issue of The Foreign Service Journal . We would also like to thank outgoing Executive Director Ian Houston for his 11 years of service to the association. Ian started with AFSA as the legislative affairs officer, and became executive director in 2009 following several stints as acting executive director in 2007 and 2008. During his time at AFSA, he helped oversee the renovation of the headquarters building and managed a period of continued growth as the Foreign Service expanded and AFSA’s membership grew in tandem. Among other accomplishments, Ian also played a vital role in supporting the establishment of AFSA’s imprint, Foreign Service Books, and the publication of two best-selling editions of Inside a U. S. Embassy. n ANNOUNCEMENT