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F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L / N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 1
patronized the ballet. He particularly
enjoyed the 19th-century ballet classics.
After his retirement, Mr. Kiang
planned to do some traveling, but that
was not to be. He was diagnosed with
lung cancer in the spring of 2005, al-
though he had never smoked in his life.
Later that year, he underwent lung sur-
gery, chemotherapy and radiation treat-
ment. The cancer went into remission,
and Mr. Kiang was able to return to
EAP/TC and EAP/EP as a When Ac-
tually Employed annuitant.
The disease recurred in the fall of
2007, but after several months of treat-
ment he was able to return to EAP/TC
on a part-time basis. Eventually, how-
ever, the cancer began to overwhelm
his defenses.
Throughout his illness, Mr. Kiang
was greatly appreciative of the kindness
of all of his friends, who went out of
their way to make his remaining time
more comfortable and fulfilled.
Howard H. Lange, 73
, a retired
Foreign Service officer, died on Sept.
15 of prostate cancer in Arlington, Va.
Born Nov. 4, 1937, in Nebraska, Mr.
Lange received his bachelor’s degree
from the University of Nebraska in
1959. After serving in the U.S. Air
Force for eight years and attaining the
rank of captain, Mr. Lange entered
graduate school at the University of
Washington, where he received his
master’s degree in Asian studies in
That same year, he entered the For-
eign Service. Mr. Lange’s first assign-
ment was with the Civil Operations and
Rural Development Support program
in Vietnam, where he served for a year
in the old imperial capital of Hue, fol-
lowed by a year in the embassy’s politi-
cal section in Saigon. Other overseas
postings followed in the Philippines,
Taiwan, China, Poland and Malta.
As deputy chief of mission in Malta,
Mr. Lange was closely involved with the
1989 summit between President
George H.W. Bush and General Secre-
tary Mikhail Gorbachev. In Washing-
ton, Mr. Lange served in the Office of
Intellectual Property and the Office of
Taiwan Coordination. He concluded
his career as director of the Office of
Chinese and Mongolian Affairs.
After retiring in 1998, Mr. Lange
continued to work part-time in the de-
partment’s Freedom of Information
Office. One of his ancestors, William
Dawes, made the famous 1775 ride
with Paul Revere, and Mr. Lange was
active in the Descendants of the
WilliamDawes Who Rode Association,
eventually becoming its president. He
also had an interest in antique maps
and the history of cartography, serving
as president of the Washington Map
Society from 2008 to 2010.
Mr. Lange is survived by his wife,
Bach Ha, of Arglington, Va.; his son
Brian of Chicago, Ill.; and his sister
Virginia Mackay of Bainbridge Island,
Andrew J. Schwartz, 88
, a retired
FSO with the United States Informa-
tion Agency, died on Oct. 20 at Inova
Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, Va., of com-
plications from Parkinson’s disease.
Born in New Arad, Hungary (now
Romania), Mr. Schwartz arrived in the
U.S. with his parents when he was
about a year old. He received a doc-
torate in international relations from
the Fletcher School of Law and Diplo-
macy at Tufts University, and subse-
quently taught political science at
Susquehanna University and Sweet
Briar College.
Prior to joining the Foreign Serv-
ice, he was also a Fulbright Scholar in
Finland, where he met his future wife,
In 1961 Mr. Schwartz joined the
U.S. Information Agency. During a
27-year career, he served overseas as a
cultural affairs officer in Costa Rica,
the Philippines, Bolivia, Venezuela
and Guatemala, in addition to tours in
Washington, D.C.
Dr. Schwartz is survived by his wife
of 55 years, Ingrid, of Annandale, Va.;
two sons, Eric Schwartz of Richmond,
Va., and Michael Schwartz of Alexan-
dria, Va.; two grandchildren; and his
sisters, Terry Otero of Florida and Su-
sanne Sienkiewicz of New York.
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