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And Speaking of Apps…
Over the past couple of years, four U.S.
diplomatic posts have received funding
from State’s Ofce of Intellectual Prop-
erty Enforcement to raise intellectual
property awareness and report infringe-
ments through the development of apps
and crowdsourcing platforms. Each
mission has adopted a diferent approach
to development and marketing, but the
message to protect intellectual property
remains consistent.
Consulate General Guangzhou was
the frst post to develop an IP-focused
app. It links messaging about intellectual
property rights to popular topics like job
advice. Tat content, in turn, serves as a
hook to encourage download and use of
the app by the critical demographic of
young adults.
Te app features videos in which top
executives of multinational companies
like Google, Hasbro and Harley-Davidson
explain the value of IP protection and
enforcement for their business models.
Building on that success, the consul-
ate general has created “how to” mate-
rial describing the app’s development
process. From soliciting funds to launch-
ing the app, the process took about 12
months. As of this past October, the app
is available free of charge for download-
ing through four retail outlets online (one
In Indonesia, where an estimated 86
percent of software on personal comput-
ers is pirated, Embassy Jakarta used its
Fiscal Year 2012 IPE funding to launch
the “IPR App Challenge.” Te Challenge
solicits designs for IP-themed apps likely
to promote IP protection and awareness
in Indonesia. Te embassy partnered
with Global Entrepreneurship Program
Indonesia to carry out the competition,
which will award funding to the top
student and professional proposals to
produce and market the apps.
Te public outreach campaign began
in October and includes online and
traditional media messaging and several
promotional and educational events,
culminating in a public demo night for
the six fnalists. Outreach programs have
reached students, developers and tech
startups, nongovernmental organiza-
tions, government ofcials and media.
Embassy Vilnius received FY 2012
funding to work with
, a
crowdsourcing application for reporting
corruption, to develop a Web platform
where users can anonymously report
IPR violations. Te embassy is exploring
comparable crowdsourcing, location-
based projects and is sharing the test
Web site with Lithuanian law enforce-
ment and customs ofces, the Busi-
ness Software Alliance, the Lithuanian
Copyright Protection Association and the
local American Chamber of Commerce
IPR Task Force. Once the site is live, the
embassy will consider the development
of a complementary mobile app.
Consulate General Hyderabad is tak-
ing advantage of widespread smartphone
usage among India’s young popula-
tion—expected to reach 500 million users
within the next three to fve years—by
developing a dual-purpose app. Tis will
disseminate real-time IP violation infor-
mation among authorities and deliver
entertainment news and IP-related mes-
saging to the general public.
To improve the development and
marketing process, the consulate general
is leveraging the resources of the Anti-
Video Piracy Cell of the Andhra Pradesh
Film Chamber of Commerce. As a bonus,
the use of this app by police will increase
50 Years Ago
f you are FS-4 or above, give yourself this little test, answering yes or no to
each question:
Do you fnd your job no longer provides the inspiration and exhilaration it
originally did, but has become, instead, a routine labor or daily drudgery?
Are you less inclined to take chances, stick your neck out, or ofer a minority
Do you increasingly resort to polysyllabic words and current governmentese
in writing memoranda and despatches?
If you uncovered an irregularity, a potential scandal, or a superior’s grave
error, would you try to sweep it under the rug, rather than do something about it
and, in the process, perhaps rock the boat?
On the few occasions you may still have feeting thoughts of resigning and
going into a nongovernmental occupation, are you held back by thoughts of
retirement benefts, other manifestations of your “investment” in a government
career, and the fact that the children are reaching college age?
If you have answered yes to at least two of these questions, then you are an
unwitting member of the American Establishment. Welcome!
—From“The Real Truth about the American Establishment,”
by S.I. Nadler;
, January 1963