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As the movers work, I typically bring a stack of magazines and
camp out on a couch in the living room, so they know where to
fnd me if they have questions. (Of course, I get up and stretch
my legs every hour or so to check in on everyone.)
…And Hitting the Road
As I approach the end of each assignment, I hang onto my car
for as long as possible; usually, I don’t ship it until the day before
I depart. Getting the car delivered to the new post one week
earlier or later isn’t nearly as crucial as having the use of it to
wrap everything up before departure—especially the visit to the
vet to get health certifcates. You never know if customs will wave
you through without even glancing at the cats (Finland) or if they
will examine each document and carefully inspect the carriers
(Peru). So I make sure to follow the pet import rules exactly.
In my air freight, I pack my bulky bathrobe, covered litter
boxes and scoops, clothes, shoes, books, a body pillow, DVD
folders, cat toys and laundry baskets.
Overall, the joy of living with cats is well worth the hassle of
transporting them around the world. But make no mistake: those
freeloaders cost me a pretty penny! If only they would get jobs
and help support the household…
Cordelia (above) and Chloe get acclimated to their carriers.