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The J. Kirby Simon Foreign
Service Trust is a chari-
table fund established in the
memory of J. Kirby Simon, a
Foreign Service ofcer who
died in 1995 while serving in
Taiwan. The Trust is commit-
ted to expanding the oppor
tunities for professional
fulfllment and community
service of active Foreign Ser-
vice ofcers and specialists
and their families.
The principal activity
of the Trust is to support
projects that are initiated and
carried out, on an entirely
unofcial, voluntary basis, by
Foreign Service personnel or
members of their families,
wherever located. The Trust
will also consider projects of
the same nature proposed
by other U.S. Government 
employees or members of
their families, regardless of
nationality, who are located
at American diplomatic posts
abroad. Only the foregoing
persons are eligible appli-
In 2012 the Trust made
its sixteenth round of grant
awards, approving a total of
54 grants that ranged from
$600 to $3000 (averag-
ing $2052), for a total of
$110,785. These grants
support the involvement of
Foreign Service personnel in
the projects described in the
Trust announcement entitled
Grants Awarded in 2012 and
available at www.kirbysimon-
The J. Kirby Simon Foreign
Service Trust Invites Project
Carolina Friends of the FS
Hold Climate Change Talk      
The Trust now invites the
submission of proposals for
support in 2013.
A proposal should include
a description of the project,
its aims and the role to be
played by the applicant(s); a
preliminary plan for dissemi-
nating the results of the proj-
ect; a budget; other available
funding, if any; and a brief
biography of the applicant(s).
Proposals should be no
longer than fve double-
spaced pages (exclusive of
budget and biographical
material). Please follow the
application format available
format_for_proposals.html or
by communicating with the
Trust (see below).
Proposals for projects to
be funded during calendar
year 2013 must be received
by the Trust no later than
March 1, 2013.
Proposals can be submit-
ted by mail, by fax or (prefer-
ably) by e-mail to:
J. Kirby Simon Foreign
Service Trust
93 Edgehill Road
New Haven, CT 06511
FAX:  (203) 432-8095
E-mail: Send to both info@ and john.   
 Further information about
the Trust can be found at
On Oct. 25, the
Carolina Friends
of the Foreign
Service held their
quarterly luncheon
at the Chapel Hill
Country Club,
Chapel Hill, N.C.
This year’s theme,
global energy,
was addressed by
Professor Francis
Koster, who spoke
on global climate
change and its
impact on geo poli-
tics. Fifty-fve members and
guests were in attendance.
The CFFS is a social
organization of 155 mem-
bers of mostly retired U.S.
government employees from
the foreign afairs com-
munity, including State, the
Department of Defense, the
Central Intelligence Agency,
the U.S. Agency for Interna-
tional Development and the
Peace Corps. Also included
are members from the U.S.
international business sector
living in North Carolina’s
research triangle area of
Raleigh, Durham and Chapel
Former diplomats in
residence served in the same
capacity and were respon-
sible for the same portfolio
for many of the schools in
the Southeast.  They all had
ofces at both Duke Univer-
sity and the University of
North Carolina at
Chapel Hill. Ms. Julie  Ruter-
bories also has ofces at
Duke and Carolina and
travels to schools in sev-
eral Southern states. 
 Ms. Ruterbories will be
presenting the next talk to
the members of the Caro-
lina Friends of the Foreign
Service at the University
Club at North Carolina
State University in Raleigh,
N.C., on Friday, Jan. 18. Her
topic will  focus on how The
Netherlands is preparing to
meet the challenges of the
expected rise in sea levels. 
Ruterbories’ last assign-
ment was as the U.S. consul
general in Amsterdam. To
contact Julie, her e-mail
address is ruterboriesja@
North Carolina diplomats-in-residence attend the
October luncheon of the Carolina Friends of the
Foreign Service held at the Chapel Hill
Country Club in Chapel Hill, N.C. Pictured
(left to right) are former DIR Bill Lucas,
Amb. Brenda Schoonover, Amb. David
Litt and current DIR, Julie Ruterbories.