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F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2
peace talks, were right on target.
Finally, Kevin Siepel’s FS Heritage
column about JohnMosby’s diplomatic
assignment to China (“Rebel Raider As
Diplomat: John Mosby in China”) was
an impressive later chapter in the fa-
mous Confederate’s life. I now live not
far from U.S. Route 50 — the John S.
Mosby Highway — the location of his
exploits during the Civil War.
H. Kenneth Hill
Ambassador, retired
Bradenton, Fla.
Helping the Less Fortunate
Was anyone else out there embar-
rassed by the news in the 2011 State
Annuitant Newsletter that Foreign
Service retirees will be receiving a sub-
stantial cost of living increase in 2012—
even as Congress and President Obama
desperately try to deal with huge federal
deficits and taxpayers face high unem-
ployment, home foreclosures and losses
to their private retirement nest eggs?
If so, I invite those who can afford
to do so to join me in donating all or
part of this increase to their favorite
charities that support those in need —
the hungry, the homeless, children at
risk, etc. Aside from being the right
thing to do, such a gesture could help
dispel the widespread misperception
that federal retirees are privileged.
Bonnie Lincoln
FSO, retired
Fort Myers, Fla.
The FAC Effort
is to be applauded for
its November cover story, summariz-
ing the Foreign Affairs Council’s as-
sessment of resource and management
challenges at the Department of State
and USAID. However, by assigning
the byline to one person, the
obscured the fact that the excerpted
passages were the product of the col-
laboration of numerous people.
While it is common in the national
media to print an essay “by” a Cabinet
official or senior lawmaker, knowing full
well that the principal did not actually
write the essay, I hope the
be careful in the future to assign proper
credit (or blame) of authorship in cases
like this one.
John K. Naland
Arlington, Va.