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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2 / F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L
of billions of dollars in mandated
spending cuts, longstanding Amer-
ican resentment about Europe’s
lack of defense burden-sharing is
only likely to grow, poisoning future
trans-Atlantic military collabora-
... And on Climate Change
Europe’s budget woes are also likely to weaken its com-
mitments to help curb global warming. In December
2009, at the Copenhagen climate change summit, rich na-
tions promised to give poor countries $30 billion in “new
and additional” resources by 2012 to cope with climate
change. That sum would be a down payment on a pledge
to provide $100 billion annually in climate finance by
European nations are on track to meet their share of
the $30 billion goal, but that assessment is based solely on
2010 outlays. Europe will need to
pony up equal amounts in 2011 and
2012, and more in later years. If
the continent’s economy does not
grow, cash-strapped governments
may find it difficult to meet that
commitment. And with America
also facing budgetary and political
constraints on such outlays, the
West has little hope of leading the
international effort to stop global warming.
A Less Attractive Role Model?
More broadly, the euro crisis is undermining Europe’s
pivotal position as a democratic, free-market role model
for its immediate neighbors.
“The idea of the E.U. and the euro was that affluence
would be created and shared,” notes Charles Kupchan, a
senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “Now,
that is fading. Instead of delivering affluence, the E.U.
A weakened, distracted
Europe could prove
a strategic liability for
the United States.
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