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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2 / F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L
AFSA’s High
School Essay
Contest Offers
New Prize
his year’s 14th annual AFSA High
School Essay Contest will be extra
special, offering amuch bigger prize
for the winner than ever before, generat-
ing more entries and teaching more stu-
dents about the Foreign Service in the
process. AFSA is now partnering with
Booz AllenHamilton and Semester at Sea
to offer this exciting competition.
The student who writes the winning
essay will be awarded $2,500, a trip to
Washington, D.C., with his or her parents
tomeet the Secretary of State, and a fully-
funded Semester at Sea (upon acceptance
to an accredited college).
Semester at Sea is administered by the
Institute for Shipboard Education, with
the University of Virginia serving as aca-
demic sponsor. The
M.V. Explorer
is the
campus, taking students on a voyage trav-
eling the world while completing a se-
mester of classes.
On Dec. 2 and 3, AFSA staff members
Perri Green and Shawn Dorman, along
with Semester at Sea Assistant Director of
Admissions Holly Tawil, managed an in-
formation table at the National Council
on Social Studies Conference inWashing-
ton, D.C. The conference draws more
than 4,000 social studies teachers and
school administrators from every state.
The event offered a terrific opportunity
to get the word out about the essay con-
test, as well as highlightingAFSA’s
Inside a
U.S. Embassy
, a key resource for students
learning about the Foreign Service. Sev-
eral hundred high school teachers and rep-
resentatives from professional academic
organizations came by the AFSA/Semes-
ter at Sea table to pick up information and
talk to our representatives.
As many teachers asked how they
could participate in the Semester at Sea
program, AFSA is now considering the
possibility of creating a competition for
teachers to submit a curriculum on
American diplomacy, a subject not cur-
rently taught in most high schools.
Please tell the high schoolers in your
life (who are not children of Foreign Serv-
ice, Booz Allen Hamilton or Semester at
Sea employees) about AFSA’s essay
contest. Information on the contest may
be found at;
information on
Inside a U.S. Embassy
for the classroom at;
and more about Semester at Sea at
(L to R) A conference participant stops by the AFSA/Semester at Sea table, managed by AFSA staff Perri
Green and Shawn Dorman, and SAS staff member Holly Tawil.
Each year, the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide honors outstanding volunteers serving abroad by presenting the Secretary of State
Awards. In December, the awards ceremony added the Dorman Award for extraordinary, sustained volunteerism on behalf of the Foreign Service to former
AAFSW President Faye Barnes. (L to R) Barnes, Sosa winner Matthew David Meredith; Jessa Farquhar, accepting for her mother, SOSA winner Chong O. Far-
quhar; SOSA winner Edward "Mick" Davis; Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns; SOSA winner Nam Anandaroopa Nguyen; SOSA winner Maria Del Car-
men Miller; and SOSA winner Sean P. Myers.