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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2 / F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L
titled “The Freakonomics of Piracy.” (I
an economic cone Foreign Service
officer, after all.) In it, Bahadur breaks
down a recent ransom of $1.5 million
among the pirates, cooks, interpreters
and the commander of the qat, a newly
created rank known only among So-
mali pirates, to document how the
profits of the enterprise are distrib-
uted. (Hint: Those who do the hard
work of actually taking over foreign
vessels, at the risk of capture or death,
do not reap the lion’s share of their ill-
gotten gains.)
Bahadur predicts that the business
of piracy will become more lucrative,
the gangs will get better organized, and
the encounters at sea will grow blood-
ier, all of which is already happening.
There are no easy solutions to these
developments, and Bahadur does a
good job of pointing out the complex-
ities of the problem.
This combination of background,
personal insight and enthralling inter-
views makes
The Pirates of Somalia
well worth reading.
David Drinkard is an economic cone
Foreign Service officer working in the
Economic Bureau’s Office of Intellec-
tual Property Enforcement. He has
served in Ankara and Tel Aviv.
Bahadur predicts that
piracy will become more
lucrative, prevalent
and bloody — which is
already happening.
AFSA believes that our Foreign Service
values a culture of honest and vigorous
debate in the formation of policies and positions
within each of the foreign affairs agencies.
AFSA’s Dissent Awards Program was
created to encourage those willing to speak
out forthrightly, through appropriate
channels, to offer alternative points of view
on matters of policy, to question the status
quo and to challenge conventional
wisdom, regardless of the consequences.
No other government-related association
offers similar awards for dissenters.
Winners receive a $2,500 cash prize and are honored at a ceremony
in late June at the State Department which is typically attended
by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of State.
Please help AFSA continue to honor and recognize independent
thinking and honest dissent on matters of foreign policy or
management/personnel issues by nominating a colleague
for one of our constructive dissent awards:
Information on nomination procedures and guidelines can be found
at There is a link to articles about the
2011 award winners, as well as a list of all past award winners.
Again, the deadline for submitting nominations is Feb. 28.
Under the supervision of the AFSA Awards and Plaques Committee,
chaired by Ambassador John Limbert, all nominations are reviewed
and vetted. Submissions that do not meet the stated criteria,
as determined by our judges and the Awards & Plaques Committee,
will not be considered. All nominations will be acknowledged.
Questions about any of the awards may be directed to
Perri Green,
Special Awards and Outreach Coordinator,
at or (202) 719-9700.
Call for 2012 AFSA
Dissent Award Nominations
Deadline for submitting nominations: Feb. 28
• The F. Allen “Tex” Harris Award for a Foreign Service Specialist
• The W. Averell Harriman Award for a junior officer (FS-6 – FS-4)S
• The William R. Rivkin Award for a mid-career officer (FS-3 – FS-1)
• The Christian A. Herter Award for a senior officer (FE-OC – FE-CA)