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845-6500 (outside the U.S.).
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site’s “Contact Us” tab.
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Individuals domiciled in
Colorado are considered
residents and are subject to
tax on their entire income
regardless of their physical
presence in the state. Colo-
rado’s tax rate is a fat 4.63
percent of federal taxable
income plus or minus allow-
able modifcations.
Write: Department of
Revenue, Taxpayer Service
Division, State Capitol Annex,
1375 Sherman St., Denver CO
Phone: (303) 238-7378.
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Us” tab on “Taxes” page, then
click on “E-Mail and Tele-
phone” for subject matter
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Connecticut domiciliaries
may qualify for non-resident
tax treatment under either
of two exceptions as follows:
Group A—the domiciliary 1)
did not maintain a perma-
nent place of abode inside
Connecticut for the entire tax
year; and 2) maintains a per-
manent place of abode out-
side the state for the entire
tax year; and 3) spends not
more than 30 days in the
aggregate in the state during
the tax year. Group B—the
domiciliary 1) In any period
of 548 consecutive days, is
present in a foreign country
for at least 450 days; and 2)
during the 548-day period,
is not present in Connecti-
cut for more than 90 days;
and 3) does not maintain a
permanent place of abode
in the state at which the
domiciliary’s spouse or minor
children are present for more
than 90 days. Connecticut’s
tax rate for married fling
jointly rises from 3 percent
on the frst $20,000, in 6
steps to 6.7 percent of the
excess over $500,000. For
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