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their best shots with friends and col-
leagues via your new Local Lens depart-
Stephen H. Grant
FSO, retired
Arlington, Va
No Thanks, Ike
Te Foreign Service Journal
keeps getting better and better.
Te November issue’s superb and
ftting memorial to Ambassador
Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen
Doherty and Tyrone Woods was
the most moving I’ve seen any-
where. It reminded me of the
many ofcers we’ve lost under
tragic circumstances, includ-
ing Steve Miller frommy own A-100 class.
In the extensive “InTeir Own Write”
section of the same issue, the write-ups
of the books were efective summaries of
their contents.
But the standout was Dennis Jett’s
engaging Speaking Out column (“Psst!
Hey, Buddy, Wanna Buy an Ambassa-
dorship?”), which called to mind some
family history.
Back in 1952, my father was ofered
the embassy in Brussels if he contributed
$5,000 (big money then) to the Eisen-
hower campaign. Dad said he thought
Ike wouldn’t need his help. And besides,
we’d never had problems with Belgium,
so he didn’t want to jeopardize that envi-
able record by being made ambassador!
Congratulations to the
staf and
AFSA for producing such an important,
useful and hard-to-put-down publication
each month.
Louis V. Riggio
FSO, retired
Hollywood, Fla
Please Report on Benghazi
My December issue arrived while I
was listening to comments on the Picker-
ing-Mullen Accountability Review Board
report and State Department testimony
regarding the tragic events in Benghazi
this past September.
You could do
AFSA’s membership
a service by present-
ing an analysis of the
report and its implica-
tions by people who
know and understand
the problems the ARB
report identifes, and by
including the perspec-
tives of Foreign Service
members who actually
work overseas.
While your new format is impressive,
the real value of the
comes from
the quality and relevance of the contents.
I hope you will ensure that these continue
to improve.
FSO, retired
Edmonds, Wash
A Bad Decision
I join current and former FSOs in
mourning the untimely death of U.S.
Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens
and his three colleagues. Still, I must ask
a question: What in the world was Amb.
Stevens doing in Benghazi, of all places,
on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks?
After all the security warnings and
requests for more security from the
ambassador and his regional security
ofcer, why would he go there to dedicate
some sort of electronic cultural center on
that particular date? Tat decision just
doesn’t make sense to me.
With all due respect to the memory of
Amb. Stevens, who by all accounts was