The Foreign Service Journal - March 2014 - page 51

MARCH 2014
a Master’s degree in global
politics. She has experience
in the State Department and
the United Nations.
Connie Zhang is pursuing an
undergraduate degree from
The George Washington Uni-
versity. As a sophomore, she
has not chosen a major, but
is interested in international
business, public policy, eco-
nomics and communication.
Angela Mswabuki is our vir-
tual intern. She is currently a
freshman at the University of
Delaware, majoring in Inter-
national Relations and minor-
ing in Japanese, Chinese and
Scholarship Program
Kerrin Murphy is the scholar-
ship program intern. She is
a senior at the State Univer-
sity of New York at Fredonia,
majoring in Spanish and
minoring in international
studies. She has studied in
Mexico and Puerto Rico.
Bret Matera will be work-
ing with
The Foreign Service
He is a junior at
American University, double
majoring in economics and
international relations. Bret
spent a semester as a
program assistant for the
Atlantic Treaty Association in
Brussels. His home town is
Chapel Hill, N.C.
Executive Office
Connor Doyle is a senior
majoring in international
affairs at The George Wash-
ington University.
Patrick Niceforo is a senior at
the University of Maryland,
majoring in government
and politics, with a focus on
international relations and
duel minors in Korean and
terrorism studies.
Legislative Affairs
Doreen El-Roeiy recently
graduated from the London
School of Economics with
AFSA is pleased to welcome
our new crop of interns,
who will be with us through
the spring semester. This
incoming group is our largest
ever, and we look forward to
working with them over the
next few months. We also
thank departing interns Tom
van der Stelt, Valerie Sanders
and Lauren Stabler for their
contributions and wish them
the best.
Yuting ‘Cibil’ Lu attends the
Washington Semester at
American University, study-
ing journalism and foreign
policy. Her home school
is Xiamen University in Xia-
men, China, where she is a
graduate student in commu-
Awards and Outreach
Floyd Jones is a junior at
The George Washington
University, double-majoring
in international affairs and
music. Floyd is proficient in
Spanish and fluent in Krio. He
mentors inner-city youth on
weekends and leads a gospel
choir in Maryland.
Julian Steiner continues as
the communications intern.
From Vienna, Austria, he is
a graduate student at The
George Washington Universi-
ty’s Elliott School of Interna-
tional Affairs.
AFSAWelcomes Spring Semester Interns
AFSA Tax Guide 2013 Correction: New York
The AFSA Tax Guide 2013 contains an error concerning the tax status of Foreign Service
officers assigned to USUN New York. The 2001 opinion from the New York tax authorities
cited in the AFSA Tax Guide was superseded in 2009. The Office of Tax Policy Analysis, Tax-
payer Guidance Division, issued Tax Memo TSB-M-09(2)I on Jan. 16, 2009, amending the
definition of permanent place of abode in the personal income tax regulations. The new
rules determine that Foreign Service members assigned to USUN have a permanent place
of abode in the state of New York, and are therefore subject to New York and New York City
our attention to this important change and apologize for any inconvenience caused. 
Connie Zhang
Patrick Niceforo
Bret Matera
Doreen El-Roeiy
Julian Steiner
Floyd Jones
Kerrin Murphy
Yuting Cibil Lu
Connor Doyle
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