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MARCH 2014
AFSA Welcomes New
Retiree Coordinator
AFSA welcomes Todd Thurwachter as
our new retiree coordinator, replacing
Bonnie Brown, who retired last Novem-
ber after 10 years with AFSA. Todd,
a native of Wisconsin, is a retired
Foreign Commercial Service officer
who was posted to Japan, China and
Germany. He brings a strong client-service orienta-
tion, gained from counseling and assisting thousands
of U.S. exporters over the years. A Foreign Service
retiree himself, Todd has personal understanding of
the challenges faced by retirees. 
As part of AFSA’s membership team, and in
cooperation with his associate, Matt Sumrak, Todd is
committed to continuing the superb counseling and
advocacy for which AFSA is known. He is also keen
on developing new areas where we can add value to
membership for retirees. Todd welcomes your ideas
and input at
AFSA is pleased to highlight
these three excellent events.
: In association
with the Public Diplomacy
Alumni Association, we
present noted pollster and
commentator John Zogby,
discussing “America’s First
Globals: Public Diplomacy for
the 21st Century.”
Zogby has teamed up with
leading Millennial Manage-
ment Consultant Joan Sny-
der Kuhl to co-author a new
book that provides a detailed
analysis of why Americans
born between 1979 and 1994
are truly more globally aware
and sensitive, how they want
to make their workplace
and planet a better place,
and how we can begin to
understand them and posi-
tion them better to play out
their destiny. It’s a revision-
ist examination of who First
Globals really are, what they
have to offer, and how they
are the best equipped of
all to thrive and solve the
problems of our shared
world today and tomorrow.
The book is a call to action, a
handbook for those who lead
and want to lead, and a more
holistic depiction this next
generation of public diplo-
mats—whether they realize
it or not. The program takes
place at AFSA headquarters,
2101 E Street NW, at 2 p.m.,
March 4.
• MARCH 25:
We welcome
Ambassador Gerald Feier-
stein to present the latest
Upcoming Events at AFSA
installment in our ongo-
ing series on diplomacy in
the Middle East. Feierstein
served from 2010 to 2013
as the U.S. ambassador
to Yemen, where he faced
personal threats in a hostile
environment. He will address
the challenges of being the
face of U.S. foreign policy
in a country that may not
be receptive to its message
and goals.
Please note that
this event is open to AFSA
members only
. It will take
place at AFSA headquarters
at 2:30 p.m., March 25.
• APRIL 29
: AFSA Book
Notes presents Ambassador
Laurence Pope in a discus-
sion of his new book,
Demilitarization of Ameri-
can Diplomacy: Two Cheers
for Striped Pants
. Both an
insider and a historian,
Laurence Pope describes the
contemporary dysfunction
of the State Department and
its Foreign Service. While the
Defense Department and the
American military services
have reinvented themselves
in a decade of failed nation-
building wars, the State
Department is promising
to do a better job of nation-
building next time. Its policy
functions have migrated to
the White House. Secretaries
of State largely ignore the
State Department bureau-
cracy, circumventing it with a
personal staff. Pope contends
that in the information age
diplomacy is more important
than ever, and that, as Presi-
dent Obama has stressed,
without a ‘change of thinking’
the U.S. may be drawn into
more wars it does not need
to fight. Laurence Pope is a
retired FSO who lives in Port-
land, Maine. He is the author
François de Callieres: A
Political Life
(Republic of
Letters, 2010), a biography
of the first proponent of
professional diplomacy. His
presentation will take place
at AFSA headquarters, 2101
E St NW, at 2:00 p.m. on
April 29. RSVPs for all events
The Family Liaison Office Releases
Family Member Employment Report
FLO collects Foreign Service family member employ-
ment statistics from more than 200 posts, show-
ing the number of adult family members employed
inside an embassy or consulate, or working on the
local economy. Statistics also indicate the number
of adult family members at post. View the report at
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