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MARCH 2015


AFSA Scholarship

Arlington Court Suites

Clements Worldwide

Embassy Risk Management

The Hirshorn Company

Inside A U.S. Embassy

McGrath Real Estate Services

PROMAX Management Inc.

WJD Management

to increase the protection and comfort

of healthcare workers battling the virus.

(See the January-February Talking Points for our coverage of the contest.)

A panel of U.S. government experts

and international partners chose three


• A redesigned personal protective

equipment (PPE) suit that allows for

quicker and safer doffing/removal and

has integrated cooling features (submit-

ted by Johns Hopkins University’s Center

for Bioengineering Innovation & Design

and Jhpiego, and featuring technology

from Johns Hopkins University).

• An antiseptic that, when applied to

skin, provides up to six hours of pathogen

protection and serves as an antimicrobial

barrier to viral transmission for health

care workers (submitted by Aquarius

GEP LLC and Innovative BioDefense).

• A long-lasting, spray-on barrier that

kills and repels microbes with electro-

static fields to prevent surface con-

tamination and allow for more breath-

able PPE materials (submitted by SPR

Advanced Technologies, Inc.).

These three ideas will receive financial

or other support, including intensive test-

ing, to ensure readiness for production

and field deployment.

USAID reports that as of Jan. 21 the

U.S. government has delivered approxi-

mately $952 million in assistance in

response to the Ebola epidemic. And

now, it appears, the epidemic may be


New Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone have been decreasing dramatically

of late, so much so, in fact, that the U.S.

Test Your Worldliness:

The Quiz

This month we are introducing a

new mini-feature for Talking Points—

The Quiz.

As an amusing diversion from

pressing business, the quizzes will test

your knowledge of any and all things

worldly, from currencies (this month)

and languages to capital cities. See

how many you can get right. Gain

bragging rights by comparing answers

with colleagues!

Thanks to retired FSO Rob Callard

for the suggestion and this currency

quiz. In the “distant past,” Callard says,

The Foreign Service Journal


a quiz section. A consular officer, he

is now working as a “when actually

employed” (WAE) in the visa office.

During his Foreign Service career, he

served in Port-of-Spain, Lima, Welling-

ton, Toronto, Bridgetown, Jerusalem,

Pristina and Washington, D.C.

If you have a quiz to suggest, send it

(questions with answers and source) to

Answers appear on p. 18.


What countries use the following


1. Manat


2. Lek


3. Dram _________________

4. Kyat


5. Nakfa


6. Pa‘anga _________________

7. Taka


8. Dirham _________________

9. Rupiah _________________

10. Ariary


11. Quetzal


12. Dalasi