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MARCH 2015




1. Turkmenistan

2. Albania

3. Armenia

4. Burma

5. Eritrea

6. Tonga

7. Bangladesh

8. U.A.E.

9. Indonesia

10. Madagascar

11. Guatemala

12. The Gambia

National Institutes of Health is having

difficulty conducting a clinical trial of an

experimental Ebola vaccine in Liberia.

Reuters reports that NIH may move some

testing to Sierra Leone.

The Washington Post paints a picture

of “near-empty” treatment centers, built

by what the


called an “aggressive

American military and civilian response”

that occurred “too late” to help the bulk of

Liberians who were infected.

Major General Gary Volesky, the top

U.S. military officer in Liberia, told the


that no one was “declaring victory” in

light of the dropping infection rate, how-

ever. And the treatment centers are now in

place to be used if the virus resurges.

In fact, the Ebloa epidemic is now in a

critical and difficult new phase that global health officials call “getting to zero.”This

involves tracking the thousands of virus

transmission chains, tracing all those who

might have been exposed and monitoring

them for several weeks to make sure they

don’t get sick.

To do that, the U.S. Centers for Disease

Control is increasing its involvement

in the region. It now has 214 staffers in

West Africa—more than at any other time

during the outbreak. The agency plans to

open new offices in Guinea, Liberia and

Sierra Leone in the spring.

As Dr. Margaret Chan, director general

of the World Health Organization, said in

a speech to the Executive Board on Ebola at WHO, “The volatile microbial world

will always deliver surprises. Never again

should the world be caught by surprise,



—Debra Blome, Associate Editor

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