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MARCH 2015






Go Ahead: Create a Member Profile

Views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the AFSA Retiree VP.


or (703) 437-7881

Last year, AFSA’s member

services department created

a new social media tool for

AFSAmembers: a member

profile page. These pages are

located within the “members

only” portion of the AFSA

website and are viewable only

by AFSAmembers.

Is setting up a profile nec-

essary? No; as a retired AFSA

member, you are already

listed in the directory, along

with your contact informa-

tion. However, in our Web-

based world, online profiles

are increasingly prevalent and

useful, helping others find out

what you’ve been up to over

the years and what you are

doing currently.

How many AFSA mem-

bers are on Facebook, for

example? Probably quite a

few; according to the


book Demographic Report


more than 150 million people

in the United States are part

of that network, with large

growth among adults older

than 55. Since 2011, Face-

book reports adding 12.4 mil-

lion new users from this age

range, a massive 80-percent


For job searches, LinkedIn

and other sites are invaluable

tools. LinkedIn profiles work

like online resumés. More

than 300 million people glob-

ally are active on LinkedIn.

Think social media is just

for young people? Think

again! More than 100 million

LinkedIn users are over age

50. And almost a third of

American adults with annual

household incomes over

$100,000 use it.

Of course, the AFSA online

profile pages and community

network will not compete

with the dominant social

media outlets. But they do

help bind together a very

specific, like-minded interest

group. For retirees who do not

have access to Uncle Sam’s

intranet, having a searchable,

online profile is particularly


Would you like to know

what became of your former

FS colleagues? If they are

AFSAmembers, you can

rediscover old friendships.

Your profile shows that you

are still alive and kicking and

remain engaged. I invite you

to view my online profile as an


To set up your AFSA pro-

file, do the following:

First, paste this link into

your browser: eweb; or, go to the AFSA

homepage and click on


Enter your primary email

address and password (if you

have not logged in before,

your password is your last

name in lower case).

You may be directed to

update your password, or

click on the “forgot your pass-

word” link.

Once logged in, update

your contact information. You

can also submit a brief bio

and photo by clicking on the

pencil icon on the My Profile


In 2015 AFSA will take the

next logical step by launching

an online social community.

To operate our chatroom,

we’ll need volunteers to serve

as online moderators—a great

way to remain active in the

Foreign Service community!

If you’re interested in serv-

ing as a moderator or if you

have questions about the pro-

file mechanism, contact AFSA




AFSAwelcomes Natalie Cheung,

who is the newmember services

representative. Natalie comes

to AFSAwith a background in

arts management and donor

cultivation, as well as experience

in association membership. Prior to joining AFSA,

Natalie worked in membership at the Association

for Prevention Teaching and Research, and as an art

consultant specializing in corporate projects and


An artist herself, Natalie is active in the D.C. arts

community. She teaches at The George Washing-

ton University and serves on the Phillips Collection

Contemporaries steering committee. A Virginia

native, Natalie graduated with a BFA from the

Corcoran College of Art and Design, and received

an MFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple