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MARCH 2015




The 2014-2015 AFSA Financial Aid Scholarship Recipients

The AFSA Financial Aid

Scholarship Program

awarded a total of $199,300

in need-based financial aid

scholarships during the

2014-2015 school year to 54

children of AFSA members.

These scholarships, avail-

able to current undergradu-

ate students, range from

$3,000 to $5,000 each.

The 2014-2015 financial

aid scholarship recipients are

listed alphabetically. Each

entry includes the names of

the recipient’s parents, AFSA

scholarship(s) the student

received and the college he

or she is attending.

AFSA also sponsors an

Academic and Art Merit

Award Program, which is

open to the children of AFSA

members who are graduat-

ing high school seniors. In

May 2014, this program

awarded scholarships of up

to $2,500 to 28 students,

totaling $48,500. The list

of 2014-2015 winners was

published in the July-August 2014 issue of The Foreign Service Journal .

AFSA has given scholar-

ships to 82 students totaling

$247,800 over the course

of the current school year.

These two programs are run

with the oversight of the

AFSA Scholarship Com-

mittee, which is comprised

of volunteers from the

Department of State, the

U.S. Agency for Interna-

tional Development, Foreign

Agricultural Service and the

Foreign Commercial Service.

In addition, the merit

awards program relies on

volunteers from constituent

agencies to serve as award

judges. The AFSA Financial

Aid Scholarship Program is

administered by the AFSA

Scholarship Committee and


These awards (both

financial aid and merit) are

not funded by membership

dues. They are funded by

donations from individuals

and organizations, Com-

bined Federal Campaign

pledges, contributions

from the scholarship fund’s

annual appeal and a 5-per-

cent annual withdrawal from

the program’s endowment

(currently valued at approxi-

mately $6 million).

Two sister organiza-

tions—DACOR Bacon House

Foundation and Associates of

the American Foreign Service

Worldwide—sponsor finan-

cial aid scholarships in their

names under AFSA’s Financial

Aid Scholarship Program.

These programs are a

benefit of AFSA member-

Spotlight on Scholarship Donors

AFSA offered 115 different scholarships in its 2014-2015

academic year Financial Aid Scholarship Program. Some of

these are highlighted on the following pages.

The Norton W. Bell

Perpetual Financial Aid


Norton W. Bell estab-

lished this sholarship in

2007 after attending an

AFSA Elderhostel (now

Road Scholar) program

on diplomacy. Though

he was never a Foreign

Service employee, he has

always been fascinated

by international relations. Bell has attended more than 40

Elderhostel programs and found AFSA’s program to be

one of the best. He retired in 1986 from Hewlett Packard,

where he was an engineer. After retirement, he became a

transcontinental cyclist.

AFSA has given

scholarships to 82

students totaling

$247,800 over

the course of the

current school year.

2014-2015 AFSA




ship. It’s not too late for

students of AFSA members

to apply for a financial aid

scholarship for the 2015-

2016 school year.


tions will be accepted until

March 6.

The deadline for

merit awards is Feb. 6 each

year. Please go to www.afsa. org/scholar for program

details and applications.

If you have any questions

on applying or would like

information on how to estab-

lish a scholarship or serve as

a merit awards judge, please

contact Lori Dec, at



org or (202) 944-5504.


—Lori Dec, AFSA

Scholarship Director

Najee Agu

Son of Edward and Wanda

Agu. Recipient of Heyward G.

Hill Memorial/DACOR Bacon

House Foundation Financial Aid

Scholarship. Currently attending

University of Tennessee,


Sarajin Ali

Daughter of Karl and Nahid

Fritz. Recipient of Anthony G.

Freeman Memorial Financial Aid

Scholarship, George and Mattie

Newman Memorial Financial Aid

Scholarship and Marc Grossman

and Mildred Patterson Financial

Aid Scholarship. Currently

attending Virginia Tech