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MARCH 2016


Service soon after the war, thus changing

its stereotypical east coast, Ivy League


On a different note, I am glad the


continues to speak out, recog-

nize dissent and raise issues such as the

militarization of our foreign affairs since

1945, which has so limited the anticipated

effectiveness of the United Nations.

Leila D.J. Poullada

Foreign Service family member

St. Paul, Minnesota

OPM Data Breach

We are all highly concerned about the

Office of Personnel Management data

breach and want to knowmore about ID

Experts services.

I recently heard this from Representa-

tive Gerry Connolly (R-Va.) in response

to my inquiry: “Since you have received

a notification, you are automatically

covered by identity theft insurance and

restoration services. No additional action

is needed unless you want to also enroll

yourself and your family for additional


In a follow-up conversation with his

district director in the Annandale office, I

was given additional confirmation that no

further actions are required to get cover-

age under the OPM/ID Experts contract.

If you go to the OPMCybersecurity

Internet site and complete the My ID Care

registration, you are only confirming to

OPM that you received their notification.

Though a bit confusing, that is the way

OPM is managing this effort.

Further, I was told that if federal

employees or retirees are experienc-

ing “real” problems with this contrac-

tor or not receiving needed coverage,

they should contact their congressional

representative. OPM has set up a private

“Hill” hot line to assist legislators with

constituent issues on the data breach.

I hope this added information is


James Meenan

FSO, retired

Fairfax, Virginia

Remembering Basil


Recently reading through January’s

DACOR Bulletin

, I read the obituary

of John “Basil” Wentworth, and was