The Foreign Service Journal - March 2016
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MARCH 2016


March 2016

Volume 93, No. 2




Amb. Ruth Davis to Receive AFSA’s Premier Award / 64 VP Voice State: Stop Calling It Maternity Leave! / 65 VP Voice FAS: Off Balance? / 67 AFSA on the Hill: The FY 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act / 69 Announcing the 2015-2016 Financial Aid Scholars / 70 Retiree Corner / 76 Second Annual Book Market a Success! / 78 A Conversation with Pearson Fellows / 78 Changes on the AFSA Governing Board / 79 Connecting with America’s Teachers / 79 Power in Numbers / 80 New Professional Issues Director at AFSA / 81 New Retiree Counselor / 81 COLUMNS President’s Views /6 Protecting the Career Path BY BARBARA STEPHENSON Letter from the Editor / 9 No More Old Boys’ Club BY SHAWN DORMAN Speaking Out / 21 More Hemingway, Less Kafka, Please BYMATTHEWKEENE Reflections / 97 A Precarious Journey into Europe BY DANIELMORRIS


Letters / 10 Talking Points / 17 In Memory / 82 Reviews / 87 Local Lens / 98


Classifieds / 90 Real Estate / 93 Index to Advertisers / 96

On the Cover:

Illustration by Dan Bejar/; photo by Mercedes Palacios.


Foreign Service Women Today: The Palmer Case and Beyond / 24 BY ANDREA STRANO Federal Women’s Program for the Future / 29 BY THAO ANH TRAN AND KR I ST I N STEWART Ten Leadership Tips for Aspiring Women / 34 BY ER I N SOTO A Pioneer in Saudi Arabia / 38 BY ANDREA FARSAKH On Assignment with Maxine Desilet, 1949–1955 / 41 BY SUZANNE COF ER Challenging Tradition / 46 EXCERPTS FROM ELINOR CONSTABLE, PHYLLIS OAKLEY AND MARY OLMSTED


Two Decades of Volunteer Support: Kirby Simon’s Legacy / 50 The J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust is uniquely committed to expanding the opportunities for community service to people associated with U.S. embassies and consulates. BY KATHL EEN SHEEHAN AND L I I SA ECOLA Extending the American Revolution Overseas: Foreign Aid, 1789–1850 / 54 Foreign assistance is part of America’s cultural DNA, fostered by the country’s revolutionary heritage of a commitment to human rights and individual liberties. BY JOHN SANBRA I LO


FS Personnel Evaluation, 1925–1955: A Unique View / 60 The evolution of personnel evaluations at State is reflected in the dossier of Frances Elizabeth Willis, the first woman to make a career of the Foreign Service. BY N I CHOLAS J . WI L L I S VP Voice USAID: A Legislative North Star / 66 Governing Board Meetings / 68 AFSA Welcomes Spring Semester Interns / 67