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MARCH 2016




Consent Agenda:

On a motion from Retiree Vice President

Tom Boyatt, the board approved all consent agenda items.

These included (1) the Nov. 4 Governing Board minutes; (2)

the appointment of AFSA Executive Assistant Patrick Bradley

as keeper of records for AFSA’s political action committee;

(3) consent to the amendment to internal AFSA guidance

governing the appropriate use of “officer” and “specialist”

when referring to members of the Foreign Service in each

of AFSA’s five constituent agencies/departments; and (4)

consent to the AFSAAwards and Plaques Committee’s rec-

ommendation that the Governing Board


add two names

to the AFSAMemorial Plaques based on the fact that neither

person qualified for inclusion under the criteria in place at

the time of their death. The motion passed unanimously.

AFSA Outreach Efforts:

Executive Director Ian Houston

briefed the board on AFSA’s enhanced public outreach on

the critical role of the Foreign Service in promoting America’s

national security, economic prosperity and values. Progress

has been made on partnering with the Una Chapman Cox

Foundation to bolster the association’s outreach efforts.

In addition, AFSA is collaborating with the United States

Institute of Peace on the annual high school essay contest,

exploring the idea of creating a Foreign Service unit for

inclusion in A.P. history and U.S. government curricula, and

leveraging key partnerships to reach a broader audience at

the grassroots level, among other efforts.

U.S. Diplomacy Center:

Ambassador (ret.) Bill Harrop

briefed the board on how construction of the museum, cura-

tion of exhibit content and establishment of a governance

structure are progressing. He thanked AFSA for its support to

date and expressed a desire for the association’s continued

involvement going forward.


Consent Agenda:

On a motion from State Vice President

Angie Bryan, the board approved all consent agenda

items. These included (1) the Dec. 2 Governing Board

minutes; (2) the appointment of Information Management

Specialist Susan Danewitz and Foreign Service Officer

Ramón Escobar to replace outgoing State representatives

Samuel Thielman and Philip Laidlaw on the AFSA Govern-

ing Board; and (3) the AFSA Awards and Plaques Com-

mittee’s recommendation that the Governing Board add

Steven Farley’s name to the AFSA Memorial Plaques in the

C Street Lobby of the Department of State. The motion

passed unanimously.

AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, January 6, 2016

Applicant to the Committee on the Foreign Service Profes-

sion and Ethics:

On a motion from Retiree Representative

Al La Porta, the board approved the appointment of State

Foreign Service Officer Tim Haynes to serve on the AFSA

Committee on the Foreign Service Profession and Ethics. The

motion passed unanimously.

Overseas Development Program:

On a motion made by

AFSA State Representative Nini Hawthorne, the board agreed

to refine and reconsider at its next meeting AFSA’s response

to the Department of State’s evaluation of the Overseas Devel-

opment Program.


AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, December 2, 2015