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MARCH 2016




Announcing the 2015-2016 AFSA Financial Aid Scholars

The American Foreign Ser-

vice Association bestowed

124 named financial

aid scholarships worth

$218,000 on 64 students for

the 2015-2016 school year.

These need-based awards

were provided to under-

graduate children of Foreign

Service employees who are

AFSA members. Individual

awards ranged from $3,000

to $5,000. (See pages 71-75

featuring each recipient,

including the names of his

or her parents, the univer-

sity attended and scholar-

ships received.)

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Harriman

established the first AFSA

memorial scholarship in

1926 to honor her son Oliver

Bishop Harriman, who died

suddenly while she served in

Copenhagen. AFSA has since

endeavored to help families

lessen the burden of pay-

ing for college by providing

awards to their children.

During the last 89 years,

the scholarship fund has

grown to $7 million thanks

to the many individuals who

have established annual

and perpetual scholarships

or made general donations.

Affiliated organizations such

as the Associates of the

American Foreign Service

Worldwide and DACOR, as

well as some corporate enti-

ties, have also played a critical

role in the success of the

AFSA Scholarship Program.

No AFSAmembership dues

go toward the scholarship


AFSA’s Scholarship Com-

mittee manages the program.

Every March, the committee

receives applications from

FS dependents all over the

world and determines the

recipients, taking into account

family assets and income,

among other factors. The

scholarships are disbursed in

installments, which are sent

directly to the students’ col-

leges in August and Decem-

ber to coincide with the start

of the academic semester.

Smaller scholarships are

bundled together to make

larger award amounts. Stu-

dents need only submit one

application; AFSA will match

students to the appropriate

scholarships, in accordance

with any special restrictions

placed on each individual


Recipients receive infor-

mation on their particular

scholarship—how and why

I thank all the people at AFSA who

made this award possible. Thank you

for making it possible for me to reach

my academic goals and the cost of

college more affordable with this


—Katherine Sugely Arriola, Junior, SUNY Buffalo State

Spotlight on Scholarship Donors

Harriet Winsar Isom

Financial Aid Scholarship

Harriet Isom is a retired career Foreign Ser-

vice officer who worked in Asia and Africa

with the Department of State from 1961

to 1996. During her final 10 years of service, Ambassador

Isom headed the U.S. embassies in Laos, Benin and Cam-

eroon. She speaks Indonesian and French. In retirement,

she returned to her family ranch near Pendleton, Oregon,

where she is a “gentlewoman farmer” and active in Oregon

civic and volunteer organizations.

Amb. Isom graduated from Mills College and The

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. She has received

women of achievement awards from the March of Dimes

Oregon Chapter, the Oregon Commission for Women and

the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce. Isom established

her AFSA scholarship in 1993.

it was established and by

whom—and submit personal

thank you letters and photos

that are shared with the

scholarship donors. In this

way, AFSA seeks to build a

stronger sense of Foreign

Service community. Donors

and students often form a

personal connection, leading

to ongoing correspondence or

even an in-person meeting.

In 2015, AFSA provided a

total of $260,000 in college

aid. In addition to the 64

need-based scholarship recip-

ients, 22 high school seniors

received funding through

AFSA’s Merit Awards Program

(see the 2015 July/August

AFSA News). Over the last

25 years, AFSA has awarded

$4 million in college aid to

more than 2,200 FS students.

For more information

on the AFSA Scholarship

Program, visit



org/scholar or contact AFSA

Scholarship Director Lori Dec

at (202) 944-5504 or dec@ n

—Lori Dec,

Scholarship Director