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MARCH 2016




Second Annual Book Market a Success!

The American For-

eign Service Asso-

ciation hosted its

2nd Annual Book

Market on Nov. 19

at AFSA headquar-

ters. This year, 21

Foreign Service

authors were on

hand, showcas-

ing their talents

and sharing their

experiences with

attendees. Each

author’s book was

also featured in

The Foreign

Service Journal

’s annual

roundup of FS-affiliated

authors’ recent works (see


November FSJ


Participating authors

drew a diverse crowd rang-

ing from Foreign Service

retirees to active-duty

colleagues and university

students interested in the

Foreign Service as a future

career. Book genres fell into

a wide range of categories,

such as cooking, fantasy and

fiction, policy, photography,

memoirs, children’s books,

history and biographies.

The authors also enjoyed

meeting one another and

could be overheard shar-

ing their experiences with

the publication process and

swapping tips on the craft of


We’re already looking for-

ward to this year’s roundup!

If you have a book coming

out in 2016 (or had one pub-

lished in late 2015), please

send us a copy for inclusion

in the November 2016 edi-

tion of “In Their Own Write.”

Please include any market-

ing materials you may have.

If you have any questions

about the process, contact

Editorial Assistant Shannon

Mizzi at



—Shannon Mizzi,

Editorial Assistan


Ambassador (ret.) and prolific

author Charles Ray, at left, chats

with a book market browser about

his latest novels,

Mob Justice



Time to Kill, A Time to Die



A Conversation with Pearson Fellows

On Jan. 15, American Foreign Service Association President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson,

Director of Advocacy Javier Cuebas and Director of Communications Ásgeir Sigfússon visited

Pearson Fellows at the Russell Senate Office Building for a brown-bag lunch. The group dis-

cussed ideas for maximizing the benefits of the Pearson Fellowship for the individual officer, as

well as for the Foreign Service. Participants also offered valuable input on a number of issues

affecting the career Foreign Service (e.g., changes to the employee performance evaluation sys-

tem, 360-degree evaluations, staffing shortages and bulges, bidding). Amb. Stephenson listened

to fellows’ personal experiences navigating the Foreign Service personnel waters.