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MARCH 2017


because of their sexual orientation as far

back as the 1940s.

Secretary Kerry acknowledged that

the “Department of State had discrimi-

nated against employees and job appli-

cants on the basis of perceived sexual

orientation,” adding that “these actions

were wrong then, just as they would be

wrong today.”

In November Senator Ben Cardin

(D-Md.) had requested that the depart-

ment apologize to the victims of the

so-called “Lavender Scare” during the

1950s, stating: “There is little we can do

to undo the hurts and wrongs of the past.

But we can take steps to assure that the

lessons of these episodes are learned and

remembered, and in so doing make a

contribution to assuring that such injus-

tice will never transpire again.”

In early January the Washington, D.C.-

based Human Rights Campaign made

a similar request. David Stacy, HRC’s

government affairs director, welcomed the apology, stating that it “sets the righ


tone for the State Department as it enters

a new and uncertain time in our country

under a new administration.”

—Gemma Dvorak,

Associate Editor


orldWideWomen, a new

website designed to be the

“first-ever” global resource center

for women, is the product of a social

enterprise company dedicated to

building a global movement for

women’s and girls’ equality through

technology, philanthropy and advo-


TheWorldWideWomen Founda-

tion behind this new resource aims

to build various philanthropic efforts

to support women and girls, and to

advocate legislative changes that

improve the civil and human rights of

women around the world.

The global platform connects

women around the world, providing

resources to support women and

girls and encouraging collaboration

between women to solve issues that

affect the global community.

Founder and CEO Maureen Brod-

erick says that the foundation’s goal

is for WorldWideWomen “to become

the primary source of information

and community for women around

the world.”

The website currently offers an

online global directory of thousands

of organizations, programs and ser-

vices offered exclusively for women.

The directory is broken down into

categories including education, health

and wellness, career resources and

women’s rights.

Users can search for global organi-

zations, as well as for groups in their

local area. The site also encourages

users to submit their own recommen-

dations for female-focused organiza-


—Gemma Dvorak,

Associate Editor