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MARCH 2017


based in East Africa, and the Overseas Security Advisory Coun-

cil coordinated security guidance and information to the U.S.

private sector. Finally, at the policy level, the DS agent detailed

to the National Security Council played a critical role coordinat-

ing DS and National Security Council efforts.

The 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit was a success

on many levels for many reasons. For DS, facilitating a safe and

secure summit to realize a U.S. national security objective had

been the priority mission. The summit’s success was a power-

ful reminder of DS’s capability to operate effectively overseas,

and demonstrated that law enforcement is a key instrument of

national power, equal to the diplomatic, informational, military,

economic, financial and intelligence components.

The Evolution of DS Continues

Law enforcement—in particular, DS—is a key instrument for

the U.S. government. Its global presence, close ties to foreign

law enforcement and security partners, and support for U.S.

government activities worldwide all clearly illustrate its vital

A DS special agent (right) braces for a kick from a student

who visited U.S. Embassy Kabul in 2011 to learn self-defense

techniques. Another special agent (left rear) works with other

students during the exercises.