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MARCH 2017


March 2017 Volume 94, No. 2



Focus on Securing


25 Securing Diplomacy for the Next Quarter-Century A veteran special agent and leader of Diplomatic Security discusses what it takes to serve the United States overseas today … and tomorrow. By G re go r y B . S t a r r 32 DS at 100: A Tradition of Vigilance The Diplomatic Security Service has evolved to safeguard American diplomacy and U.S. interests abroad. By B i l l A . M i l l e r 36 Law Enforcement As an Instrument of National Power More widely represented across the globe than any other U.S. law enforcement agency, Diplomatic Security is uniquely placed to safeguard American diplomacy. By Ro n n i e S . Ca t i p o n



43 The DS Melting Pot The diversity of cultural backgrounds, experiences and language skills among DS ranks is a key to the bureau’s success in safeguarding U.S. diplomacy around the world. By Rhonda (RJ) Bent Rabetsivahiny 49 Diplomatic Security: The Road Ahead The rapid growth in size and responsibilities at DS has brought challenges in terms of policy, personnel and training. Here is an inside look at some of the issues. By Do n n a Sc a r ama s t r a Go rma n