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MARCH 2017




This year, AFSA celebrates

the 90th anniversary of its

scholarship program.

The first AFSA scholarship

was established in 1926 by

Elizabeth Harriman in honor

of her son, Oliver Bishop

Harriman, a Foreign Service

officer who died while serving

overseas. Since that time,

AFSA has bestowed more

than $5 million in college aid

on more than 3,000 stu-


The AFSA Scholarship

Fund has now grown to $8.1

million dollars, thanks to the

generous donations of hun-

dreds of individuals and orga-

nizations who have estab-

lished annual and perpetual

scholarships. AFSA particu-

larly thanks DACOR for their

annual scholarships, which

are administered by the AFSA

Scholarship Program.

Every March, the Schol-

arship Committee receives

financial aid applications

from Foreign Service depen-

dents who are full-time

students. The committee

reviews all applications and,

taking into account a number

of factors (including family

income and assets), selects

the financial aid scholarship


Awards range from

$3,000 to $5,000 each.

Since AFSA scholarships

differ in size, smaller ones are

bundled together to make

larger awards, while some of

the larger ones are broken

into several smaller awards.

Students make one applica-

tion; the Scholarship Com-

mittee matches students to

the appropriate scholarships,

in accordance with any spe-

cial instruction or restrictions

on each scholarship.

Recipients receive

biographical information

about their award donors,

and submit thank-you letters

and photos to the donor

or their family. In this way,

AFSA seeks to strengthen

the connections within the

Foreign Service, between

generations, and to foster a

sense of community among

its members.

For the 2016-2017 school

year, 67 undergraduate

students received 134 named

financial aid scholarship

awards totaling $208,000.

On the following pages

the AFSA Financial Aid

Scholarship recipients for

the 2016-2017 academic

year are listed, along with

the named AFSA scholar-

ships they received. The

program is run under the

oversight of the AFSA Schol-

arship Committee and the

AFSA Governing Board.

AFSA also confers a

number of merit award

scholarships, which are open

to graduating high school

seniors. Information about

the 2016-2017 merit award

recipients will appear in a

future issue of AFSA News.

For more information

about AFSA Financial Aid and

Merit Award Scholarships,

please visit

scholar or contact Lori Dec,

AFSA Scholarship Director,

at (202) 944 5504 or dec@

Financial Aid Scholars

1. Najee Agu—

recipient of

the Edith K. andWilbur J. Carr

Memorial Scholarship and the

Gertrude Stewart Memorial

Scholarship. He is attending

Old Dominion University.

2. Brenden Aguasvivas—

recipient of the Colonel

Richard R. Hallock Memorial

Scholarship and the Doro-

thy Osborne and Theodore

Xanthaky Memorial Scholar-

ship. He is attending St. Louis


Spotlight on Scholarship Donors

Marilyn Holmes Annual

Memorial Scholarship

Ambassador H. Allen Holmes, with

assistance from friends and colleagues,

has established the annual Marilyn

Holmes Memorial Financial Aid Scholarship in tribute to his

wife, who passed away in May 2016. It will be awarded in the

2017-2018 school year.

Marilyn Holmes was an award-winning documentary

producer for the U.S. State Department. She was recog-

nized with the Secretary of State’s Distinguished Public

Service Award for her innovative television news programs

designed to keep employees informed on the latest diplo-

matic developments.

In 1980, Mrs. Holmes was named director of the State

Department’s Family Liaison Office. One of her major

achievements in this role was negotiating reciprocal work

agreements with foreign governments to allow Foreign

Service spouses to work in their countries.

It is organizations like yours that inspire

young adults like me to reach our goals

in life.

—Najee Agu, Junior,

Old Dominion University

Celebrating 90Years:

The 2016-2017 AFSA Financial Aid Scholars