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MARCH 2017




AFSA Encourages

Retiree Outreach

On Nov. 9, AFSA President

Ambassador Barbara Ste-

phenson attended a meet-

ing with the Foreign Service

Group of Austin, Texas.

Led by former FSOs John

Wood and Joe McLean, the

group is composed of retired

Foreign Service officers and

family members, as well as

academics and business

people who have spent

significant time outside the

United States.

Opening the meeting,

Amb. Stephenson thanked

the group for their work in

reaching out to the public and

telling the story of the Foreign

Service to those who are not

aware what members of the

Foreign Service do.

She also noted that

retirees are a vital lifeline for

AFSA, not only in telling the

story of the Foreign Service

but also in sharing with AFSA

how people in their communi-

ties see the Foreign Service.

“We depend on you,” she

said, “to keep us up to speed

on how the Foreign Service is

seen outside the D.C. Beltway,

how foreign affairs issues are

playing with the American

public, how we at AFSA can

better serve our members

and, most importantly, how

the Foreign Service can better

serve the American people.”

Discussing the recent U.S.

presidential election, Amb.

Stephenson spoke about

AFSA’s engagement with

congressional members on

both sides of the aisle, and

reiterated the commitment

of members of the Foreign

Service to provide the best

advice to the new president

and Secretary of State. “Our

obligations remain the same

from administration to admin-

istration, from Congress to

Congress,” she stated.

In closing, Amb. Stephen-

son encouraged the Foreign

Service Group to continue

their great work in reaching

out to their families, neigh-

bors and broader communi-

ties, to share their expertise

but also to humanize a

profession which is frequently

misunderstood and can seem

distant and abstract.

She congratulated them on

the engagement of their mem-

bership and their impressive

schedule of activities, includ-

ing bimonthly luncheons with

prestigious speakers.

The group then held a

question and discussion ses-

sion, reviewing topics such as

the development of a domes-

tic constituency, the foreign

policy challenges facing the

United States today and the

challenges for the Foreign

Service in this new world.


—Gemma Dvorak,

Associate Editor

AFSA President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson meets with the

Foreign Service Group of Austin to discuss their outreach efforts and the

importance of telling the story of the Foreign Service to the American



Calling All Retirees!

AFSA’s recently launched 50-state outreach strategy aims

at improving recognition of and support for the Foreign

Service among the general public, and we are looking to

engage with you!

Are you part of a Foreign Service retiree group in your

area? Contact AFSA


, and let us know

about your group and its activities. We hope to feature a

number of retiree groups in

The Foreign Service Journal


bimonthly “Retiree Corner.”



Diplomatic Security issues retiree ID cards that provide limited access to the Harry S Truman building.

State Department retirees are reminded of the two-step process to obtain or renew a retiree ID card/

access badge: (1) complete DS-1838 at State’s Office of Retirement at Columbia Plaza (202) 261-8960 and

(2) proceed to Diplomatic Security Identification Services at Main State, where you must present two forms of

identification, at least one must be a photo ID.

For the complete procedures, visit the AFSA website at


about other retiree services offered by AFSA is available at