The Foreign Service Journal - March 2017
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MARCH 2017





AFSA President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson

welcomed new USAID Representative Ann Posner.

Consent Agenda:

The Governing Board approved the

consent agenda items, which were: (1) the Nov. 2 Govern-

ing Board meeting minutes; (2) Jenna Bucha’s andWilliam

Hansen’s resignations from the Committee on Elections;

and (3) Mary Ellen (Meg) Gilroy’s resignation as Chair of the

Committee on Elections.

Unconscious Bias:

State Vice President Angie Bryan gave a

presentation on “Unconscious Bias in the Foreign Service.”

LCAD Award:

The Awards and Plaques Committee provided

the board with their recommendation for the recipient of the

2017 Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy award.

The committee’s recommendations were accepted, and the

selected recipient will be announced in a future issue of


Foreign Service Journal


Committee Vacancies:

Amb. Barbara Stephenson proposed

that a notice be sent to AFSAmembers soliciting volunteers

to fill the vacancies on the Committee on Elections.With no

objection, the proposal was approved.


AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, January 4, 2017

AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, December 7, 2016

Consent Agenda:

The Governing Board approved the con-

sent agenda items, which were: (1) approval of the

Dec. 7 Governing Board meeting minutes.

Committee on Elections:

Committee member Mort

Dworken gave the report of the committee, which included

guidelines on the AFSA election.

State Representative Keith Hanigan moved that the

Governing Board ask the Committee on Elections to seek

to increase participation of the membership in the upcom-

ing election. The motion passed unanimously.

FCS Representative Suzanne Platt moved that the

Governing Board ask the Committee on Elections to seek to

increase awareness of and participation in the nomination

process. The motion passed unanimously.

The Committee on Elections, in a memo to the Govern-

ing Board, recommended that Francis Hall, David McFar-

land, Peter Molberg, Curtis Whittaker, Susan Wong and Lee

Brayman be appointed as members. With no objection, the

board accepted the recommendations.

Retiree Representative Ambassador Al La Porta moved

that Mort Dworken be appointed as (Acting) Chair of the

Committee on Elections. The motion was approved unani-


Position Descriptions:

On behalf of the Executive Com-

mittee, AFSA Treasurer Ambassador Charles Ford moved

that the Governing Board position descriptions be

amended to show that the president is the chief executive

officer of AFSA and has responsibility for supervising the

executive director. The motion passed unanimously.

Retiree Vice President Ambassador Thomas Boyatt

moved, on behalf of the Executive Committee, that the

president’s position description be amended to include the

following: “Chief Executive Officer—the President directly

supervises the following AFSA staff members: the Execu-

tive Director, the Director of Communications, the Director

of Professional Policy Issues, and the Special Assistant to

the President. This includes setting and adjusting work

requirements, monitoring progress and writing employee

reviews. The President may interview staff and Governing

Board members as necessary to prepare a comprehensive

review of the Executive Director. The President will submit

the aforementioned staff members’ work requirement

statements to the Governing Board or a committee desig-

nated by the board twice annually for review and approval.”

The motion was approved unanimously.

Amb. Thomas Boyatt, on behalf of the Executive

Committee, moved that the Governing Board adopt the

proposed position descriptions for President, Secretary,

Treasurer, Constituency and Retiree Vice Presidents with

immediate effect and for immediate posting on the AFSA website. The motion was approved unanimously.

Awards Committee:

USAID Representative Lorraine Sher-

man moved to appoint Ann Posner to the Awards Commit-

tee. The motion was approved unanimously.