The Foreign Service Journal - March 2018

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | MARCH 2018 5 # March 2018 Volume 95, No. 2 FOREIGN SERVICE Focus on Foreign Service Families 35 Still Waiting: Family Member Employment Today FS family members and posts feel the impact of not being able to fill many essential positions. By De b r a B l ome 40 Surviving Divorce in the Foreign Service Divorce is difficult enough when you’re living a “normal” life in the States. What happens when you’re posted overseas? By Do n n a Go rma n Feature 52 Zimbabwe After Mugabe: Dark Before the Dawn? A former U.S. ambassador to Zimbabwe reflects on the November 2017 coup in that country and wonders: How did he miss the signs that it was coming? By Ch a r l e s Ra y 45 Singles Speak Here is a medley of perspectives on what it is like to be single and serving at a U.S. mission overseas. By M i k ke l a V. T h omp s o n Cover Story 30 #StateToo: Ending Harassment at the State Department The problem of sexual harassment is persistent and real at State. It’s time for meaningful change. By Le s l i e Ba s s e t t Message from the Hill 18 Time for a National Conversation By Se n a t o r L i n d s ey G r a h am ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/ANDREYPOPOV