The Foreign Service Journal, March 2019

T he demanding work and frequent moves required of Foreign Service professionals and their family members often mean that eating well gets left behind. Health and well- ness are increasingly recognized as essential for protecting and strengthening the Foreign Service’s most important asset—our healthy, high-performing people and their families. But while the department offers guidance and support for dealing with moves, family member employment 28 MARCH 2019 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL Tania Teschke is a writer and photographer with a passion for French cuisine and wine. She lived for an extended period in France as an undergraduate and graduate student, studying French language and literature and learning the art of traditional French cooking from French chefs and friends. She apprenticed with an award-winning Basque butcher and earned a diploma in wine science from the University of Bordeaux. Her travel photography has been exhibited in Paris, Tokyo and Moscow and has appeared in The New York Times and other international publications. She previously worked with children’s book publisher Scholastic and with the World Wildlife Fund in Washington, D.C., and Frankfurt. Teschke is the author of The Bordeaux Kitchen: An Immersion into French Food and Wine, Inspired by Ancestral Traditions (Primal Nutrition, Inc., 2018). She lives in Switzerland with her FSO husband and two daughters. She blogs at Proper nourishment is a critical ingredient for health and wellness. Here’s how to take advantage of the FS lifestyle to keep the nutritional bar high. BY TAN I A TESCHKE FOOD AND FITNESS IN THE FOREIGN SERVICE FOCUS UTRITION N Ancestral Food Traditions forModern ForeignServiceLife