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F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L / A P R I L 2 0 1 2
good/fair ratings, there does seem to have
been a modest improvement during the
previous six months in six of eight areas.
We congratulate HR on its recent efforts
and hope they continue.
Agency Morale:
The data speaks for
itself: the agency’s poor morale rating has
doubled. Morale has worsened froma 22
percent poor rating in the 2010 survey to
a 41percent poor rating in the current sur-
vey. An institution such asUSAIDcannot
continue at this pace of decline if it is going
to fulfill its mandate. Top leadership has
to address many of the serious problems
identified in this and other surveys such
as “Best Places to Work,” which placed
USAID near the bottom of comparable
TheUSAIDAdministrator’s Perfor-
The unfavorable rating for
Administrator Rajiv Shah (Question 35)
increased from9 percent Poor in the 2010
survey to 21 percent Poor in the current
survey. At the same time, 20 percent of
respondents rated his performance as
excellent, a rise of four percentage points
fromthe previous survey. Fromthe com-
ments submitted, it seems that many of
the initiatives which are now being
implementedmay have contributed to the
poorer scores for the Administrator.
Overall Working Conditions at
The 2011 survey shows that 46
percent of employees feel that overall con-
ditions of work are worsening (Question
36). This is an improvement over the pre-
vious survey, but still shows that close to
half of USAID FSOs are concerned that
things are not improving.
Concluding Analysis
The survey has clarified several impor-
tant issues:
• Our FSO staff is younger and has dif-
ferent needs than the traditionalwork force.
•USAIDstill has away to go to achieve
a diverse work force.
• FSOs are very concerned aboutwork-
life balance and take it into account when
they decide whether to leave the agency.
•AlthoughFSOs are verydedicatedand
enjoy their work, morale continues to
• The Office of Human Resources is
viewednegativelyby amajorityof employ-
ees. However, recent improvements, in-
cluding thenewStaffCareUnit, are encour-
The USAID membership, which is
mostly pleased with AFSA’s work, clear-
ly indicatedwhat theywant us to focus on:
protecting the retirement package; equal-
izing benefits with the State Department;
preserving Overseas Comparability Pay;
achieving fairness in assignments; and
establishing an electronic voting system.
Themost serious inequity continues to be
USAID’s low entry-level salaries, which
have negatively affected many new offi-
Wehope the agencywill respond to the
needs expressed in this survey.
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