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A P R I L 2 0 1 2 / F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L
FSA President Susan R.
Johnson and Executive Dir-
ector IanHoustonmet with
former Secretary of State George
ShultzonFriday, Feb. 3, inPaloAlto,
Secretary Shultz shared his
perspectives on how to strength-
en the Foreign Service andways to
promote better governance with-
in AFSA.
Sec. Shultz, who contributed
the lead article to the
Service Journal
’s December com-
memoration of the 20th anniver-
sary of theUSSR’s dissolution, reit-
erated his long-held view of the impor-
tance of empowering constitutionally
mandated officials within State and the
Foreign Service, rather than appointing
policy “czars” who are not accountable
to Congress and the American people.
In response to a question from Pres.
Johnson about ways to further strength-
en the Foreign Service Institute, Sec.
Shultz drew on his experience teaching
at the U.S. Naval Academy to enhance
diplomatic training and education.
Johnson and Houston conveyed the
deep appreciation of the Foreign Service
for Sec. Shultz’s many contributions to
diplomacy and for his support for AFSA.
On Saturday, Feb. 4, Johnson
spoke to more than 40 members
of the Foreign Service Association
of Northern California and their
guests at a luncheon in Berkeley.
She presented an overview of
AFSA’s efforts in a variety of
areas, including governance, pro-
fessionalism, core advocacy, image
and outreach, and membership
and development.
Johnson emphasized AFSA’s
support for the international
affairs budget request, detailed its
hard work to protect Foreign
Service pensions and benefits, and
explained where the State Department
and USAID are in terms of implement-
ing recommendations of theQuadrennial
Diplomacy and Development Review.
A lively Q&A session followed, after
which FSANCPresident James Rosenthal
thanked Johnson for the comprehensive
AFSA Meets George Shultz and Northern California Retirees
hile working as a contractor in
theU.S.Agency for International
Development’s Latin America
and Caribbean Bureau, and later living in
Africa and Jamaicawithher husband, Ron
Stryker, a USAID Foreign Service officer,
Karen Menczer noticed that animal wel-
fare organizations in poor countries have
the drive and knowledge to help animals,
but lack resources. Consequently, time
spent on fundraising activities equates to
less time actually helping the animals.
Acting on that realization, in July 2007
Menczer created Animal-Kind Interna-
tional, anonprofit organizationwhose goal
is to linkdonors inwealthier countrieswith
needy animal welfare organizationsworld-
wide. AKI raises money and collects sup-
plies for partner organizations; tracks the
use of donor funds; and when donors are
interested, connects themdirectlywithpart-
ner organizations so they can findout first-
handhowtheir support is helping animals.
AKI follows a due diligence process to
ensurepartner organizations have adequate
and transparent accounting mea-
sures, and are able to track AKI
funds and report back to AKI on
their use. The organization sends
100 percent of donations to part-
ner organizations.
AKI’s core support comes from
individuals and student groups
who have visited countries where
it haspartnerorganizationsor from
those who just want to help “the
neediest of the needy.” For exam-
ple, supporthas come fromagroup
of kids atCampDoglando inOrlando, Fla.;
MelvilleHighSchool inLong Island, N.Y.;
anda tourist group that contactedAKI after
witnessing the torturous journeyof livestock
Helping Those Who Help Animals
With funding fromAnimal Kind International, theUganda Society
for the Protection and Care of Animals provided sterilization
for the dogs living at Sister Gemma’s orphanage in Entebbe.
Left to right: Former Ambassador Ted
Elliot, AFSAPresident Susan Johnson
and former Ambassador James
Rosenthal, president of the Foreign
Service Association of Northern
California, at a luncheon for FS retirees
in Berkeley on Feb. 4.
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On Feb. 3, former Secretary of State
George Shultz and Susan Johnson,
AFSA president, meet at his home in
PaloAlto to discussways to strength-
en the Foreign Service.