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the Foreign Service journal
April 2013
Editor’s Note: We invited past presidents of the American Foreign Service Association
to refect on AFSA’s 40th anniversary as a union. Thanks to all who responded.
AFSA Celebrates 40 Years as a Union
Past AFSA Presidents
SpeaK out
The state of
the union
Never Again
By Thomas D. Boyatt
hen I was invited to contribute a few thoughts to
this issue on the 40th anniversary of AFSA’s cer-
tifcation as exclusive employee representative
at State and the other foreign afairs agencies,
my frst reaction was, “We just did that.”
Actually, we did that 10 years ago, when we celebrated the 30th
anniversary of our election victories.
Te Foreign Service Journal
coverage of that milestone in its June 2003 issue describes with verve,
accuracy, color and context what really happened to AFSA and the
Foreign Service during that tumultuous decade (1970-1980). Te
articles, all available on AFSA’s Web site at
are well worth a (re)read. Veterans of that era will enjoy
the opportunity to relive and refect on those heady days, while more
recent FSOs will gain an appreciation of where we are today and how
we got here.